Weight Loss – July 18 Edition


So are you like me and as soon as I think “I am going to try to lose weight” your taste buds suddenly crave every horrible food for your body?  Like Dr. Pepper, ice cream, Doritos… the list could go on forever. This is me every time I want to lose weight. But I am hoping that if I just go with journaling this on a public scale that maybe, just maybe, I’ll stick with it more.  I mean,writing this out in such a public forum will make me more accountable, right?

So now that we are all in agreement, today I’m making a grocery list and hopefully giving the world of clean eating a try.  Part of my problem is that I dislike healthy foods and I’m pretty sure I eat way too many processed foods… so I’m going to take the plunge and attempt to eat clean this weekend.

Why this weekend?  Because it’s 2 days, hopefully I can accomplish a goal in 2 days. And come Monday morning if I feel better – then maybe I can add another day and so on.  I read something earlier today about having small goals.. well I can’t get any smaller and more defined than a weekend (what am I saying… I could just go with today).

If anyone out there has any tips for me – PLEASE SHARE! I would love to hear how others cope and battle such a personal journey.  Weight loss is such a funny thing – what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. We all gained the weight for different reasons and sadly it all comes off different too.

Oh and if you want to share your reasons for losing weight and what motivates you – I’d love to hear it.  I will be honest… of course I want to lose weight so I can be healthy and stick around longer for my kids – secondly, and this is the shallow reason, we are apparently going on a weekend camping trip 2 months from today and face it, I would prefer to look and feel better to this group of people than with the flabby thighs I currently have.  They are people I know but are more or less my husbands friends.  See, shallow.

That’s all for today – as my friend would say (and Michael Damien too) – Rock On!


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss – July 18 Edition

  1. inviationsusang says:

    I’ve been reading healthy eating books for years now, the latest is the Wahls Protocaol by Dr. Terry Wahls. She suggest that we eat 9 servings of vegetables a day. That is a daunting task, But I’ve been making smoothies and protein shakes to fulfill the need to add healthy food to your diet. I have a health master and a nutria-bullet. Love them both, switch off using them. Try putting a cup of spinach, with a cup of strawberries and a banana for a way to get 3 veggies in at one time.

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    • Becky says:

      Susan – I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I have to tell you – your 9 vegetables a day comment still has me reeling. Back in 2011 I was able to lose 35 pounds (I’ve sadly regained 20 of them) using the Sparkpeople website. One of my biggest issues, besides never getting enough protein, was eating enough fruits and vegetables. Their goal was 5 and I had difficulty with it – but 9?!?!?!?! I stand up and applaud you if you can get this in on a regular basis. Just incredible (even for just getting in 5!).

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. You will find I am not crafty (though I can scrapbook), organized (just talk to my mom on that one) or thin (I’m a work in progress)… but I hope to share my experiences learning to better myself with everyone – and the more help I have the better! So thank you thank you thank you! Wishing you all the best!

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  2. sandyvern says:

    I have been fighting this losing battle my entire life as well. I am destined to be a “little fat round Italian lady”…but hey…that doesn’t make me a bad person. My biggest problems are I love food (well, at least my foods…I can be a bit picky) and I find traditional exercise boring…not to mention the whole huffing-and-puffing-and-sweating-thing horrible! So it is really a losing battle. My most recent success in achieving some weight loss has been my (yet diagnosed!) compulsive obsessive need to do yoga…it might be worth a shot 🙂


    • Becky says:

      Sandy – I have been so curious about yoga – but must admit that muscular I am not. I have stretching exercises I am suppose to do every day since like third grade because I have high arches and it causes problems with the muscles that go up the backs of my legs – and honestly I think it’s partly contributing to sciatica presently (it’s odd, when I do the one stretching exercise, my (_I_) feels so much better – which is where the pain originates – and I do apologize if this is way more information than you ever imagined). I always envisioned myself being one of the yoga people falling all over themselves if I ever attempted it. Do you have to be coordinated to do yoga?


      • sandyvern says:

        You actually don’t have to be coordinated or flexible or muscular…it might be nice but if you are not that is ok…and chances are you will become much better at those things. I have only been doing yoga for about a year and a half…so definitely not an expert! I started with gentle and restorative classes…and have mostly stayed with those (like tonight’s class we never even stood up…love those classes!) yet still feel like my body was stretched and worked. I have learned to enjoy the peace of yoga time 🙂


  3. Becky says:

    Peace… I may just have to try it. So much stress in my life at the moment – and trying very hard to de-stress… yoga could be the answer!!!! I joined a gym, I should utilize it to my little hearts content!!! Thank you for enlightening me. I’ll have to let you know if I fall over!


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