So I recently was reading a really engrossing blog called The Belle Jar and the topic was dreams which made me think of my own strange dreams over the years.

I think one of my favorite dreams was when I was in eighth grade, or around there, and I was madly in love with Kirk Cameron of “Growing Pains” fame and wouldn’t you know he was just about to ask me out in this dream when I woke up! So very bummed I willed myself back to sleep and finished it off.  <Sigh> If only I could have had the date too!

Flash forward a few years and one of my other favorite dreams happened with me fresh out of college, my goal in real life was to move to New York City where I could live where I always wanted to live surrounded by all the culture that goes with it – and of course, have the opportunity to watch every New York Giants game for FREE!  Yes, the dreams of a 24 year old.  But my dream was great, because not only was I living in New York, watching my beloved G-Men, I also had my favorite dog by my side, who had passed away a few years before I graduated from college. It was like the perfect moment.

But dreams can be brutal.  I remember one I had woke me up at 5am where an intruder was in my church and shot and killed my Grandma.  Though I saved everyone else in the church, I remember waking up so horrified that I called my Grandma at 5AM!!!!  She was just the best and thought it was nice I was so worried that someone may have harmed her in some way and this was God’s way of having me check on her.

So have you ever had eerily realistic dreams – good or bad?  Let me know!



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