Memory and Music


All my life I have been told what a fabulous memory I have, but there is an unknown method to my madness – all my memories are tied in with music. There is something in my head that links everything together – and often I can hear a song and re-iterate everything in minute detail of what happened.

One such moment came when I was in 10th grade, studying for my Enriched Biology Exam to finish up the first semester of school.  As I studied I listened to my Huey Lewis and the News album “Sports” and the next morning as I took my exam – as I had Biology first period of the day – as I read the questions and answered them, I had each and every song going through my head… especially the songs “Walking on a Thin Line” and “Finally Found a Home”. I ended up getting an A on the exam and yes, I attribute that grade to Huey.

But so many other moments of my life I can relive in vivid details because of the wonder of music.  When I hear “More Than Words” by Extreme I’m taken back to my senior prom and dancing with my date.  When I hear “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, it was the song playing when I kissed my now-husband for the very first time.  Anytime I listen to “Chicago’s Greatest Hits ’82-’89” makes me think of a trip I took to London when I was in school.  When I hear “Stay the Night” I remember standing outside of Windsor Castle, and “Along Comes a Woman” reminds me of all the many sights I saw in the week I was there and the surrounding area.  Another popular song at that time was “Been Around the World” by Lisa Stansfield and I remember standing on the corner as I bought one of the BEST pairs of shoes (I got them at a Peter Lords and the brand was “Bubbles” and they were just these comfortable canvas shoes that went with EVERYTHING), anyhow, I remember walking down the street and that song came on and I remember thinking… Wow… here I am, all around the world, and I couldn’t find my baby as my boyfriend was across the ocean!  Tacky I know – but I was a junior in high school, what did you expect? One more set of songs that makes me think of my London trip was the Violator CD by Depeche Mode, though I didn’t really hear any of the songs on my trip, it was the official cd of everyone on the trip.  So a few years down the road, when I got my 5-changer cd player, I purchased the Violator cd enjoying the great songs on the cd – “Personal Jesus” and “Enjoy the Silence” but I still think of that trip.

Flash forward a few years and during my college years I loved the popular 90’s Swedish group Ace of Base.  Overall in life I have a thing for Swedish groups, or at least the really popular ones as I love ABBA and Roxette as well.  But with Ace of Base they had that blending of dance along with great vocals and I just loved their music.  One song in particular was “Beautiful Life” – the intro is just incredible when you stand solidly between the two speakers with the sounds going back and forth beating throughout your entire body.  I so love the beginning of that song.  Forward ourselves a few more years into the future, my then fiancé and I are trying to find the ideal wedding spot.  Where we ended up having it had  a dance floor with speakers tilted around it so that the music was incredible while on the dance floor, yet those sitting at the tables could carry on a nice conversation.  So the salesperson goes and turns on the stereo player so we can hear the speakers and lo and behold what do we hear?  “It’s a Beautiful Life… O-O-O-O” – I was sold right then and there.

I could probably write a never ending post about how my memory works with songs… and I know I have more stories because my co-worker looks at me like I’m nuts all the time because I have all these precise details of situations that pertain to a song I heard at the moment.  My husband cracked up at me just 2 weeks ago because the 80’s on 8 (with SiriusXM radio) had a 1987 countdown 2 weeks ago and I was in heaven.  They were in the top 5 when we heard it on our way to his uncle’s house as I said… this was a great summer of music – I wish I could listen to the entire countdown because I just know “Alone” by Heart was going to be on it.  The very next song was “Alone” (it was song #2).  My husband somewhat sighed in disgust as I had correctly predicted a song on the countdown – I just laughed… 1987 was the final time my family had gone camping – and whenever we went camping it always rained.  I remember sitting in the pop-up tent I slept in (on my inflatable raft/air mattress) listening to the countdowns that weekend.  When all was said and done, I’d counted about 10 songs that I thought were on the countdown for that July 4 weekend… as I did listen to it online and had forgotten a few of the songs that were in the lineup.

Music is a huge part of my life.  For the longest time I use to have this inner debate with myself as to what would be worse to be – blind or deaf.  And over the years I have come to the conclusion that it would be far worse to deal with deafness than blindness… it would kill me to never be able to hear music again – but I would still be able to imagine what something looked like if someone described it to me. Just my opinion.

Do you have songs that allow you to recall a moment in vivid detail?

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3 thoughts on “Memory and Music

    • Becky says:

      I know what you mean! When that song takes you back it’s almost like you are re-living that moment and then when it’s over I’m like.. that was how long ago? Thank you for your comment! It’s so nice to know that I am not alone (as at times I get very strange looks).

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