Wacky Wednesday

So as I sit here listening to a concerto as part of “Wednesday Music” I thought I’d make use of my time and update everyone on my clean eating.

Shocker!  It didn’t happen.

I feel bad really, I always tend to put myself through some sort of guilt trip when I don’t follow through on something, but Saturday I never made it the grocery store and I had no “clean eating” foods just lying around. And then my son and I got involved in a game of “Star Wars Trivial Pursuit” that last 3.5 hours and well, that was my Saturday.

I did better on Sunday, I was out the door shortly after 9 but we bought sushi.  SUSHI.  Somehow I didn’t see it matching up to clean eating standards either.

I foresee myself embarking on the journey though. I keep getting heartburn and it’s really getting old. Not sure if it’s just from being a middle aged girl or the foods I eat… I suppose I could try to eat more healthy and find out which it is.

Sidebar: This concerto is rather nice.  It is by someone I had never heard of before but listening to the orchestra makes me sad I won’t get to hear my daughter learn to play.  The middle school she was accepted into doesn’t have an orchestra which is a real bummer as she really wanted to learn how to play the violin or viola.  😦  I may just have to find a way to afford lessons.

Anyhow… I think that’s all for now… I won Trivial Pursuit by the way but only because I got a final question from the original trilogy… my poor son kept getting questions from I, II and III. But he was in the center 3 times before I landed there.. not bad for 8.

And as they say in Star Wars… “May the Force be with you”.


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