Tasty Tuesday – Part 1 – July 28 Edition

Good Morning my Peeps!

After getting all “serious” yesterday I realized being bummed is not one of my Pinterest Boards – so here I am taking one from my most heavily populated boards that I call… FOOD (am I on the cutting edge of names or what?).

So last week I found this recipe and while at the grocery store on Sunday I even bought ingredients I thought were in it (I swore it said chicken stock… I bought some but this calls for chicken broth, so I now wonder what needed chicken stock? I digress, but I hope I have chicken broth otherwise we know what I’m doing on my lunch hour).

So, this morning I am posting what I am making for my dinner tonight.  It’s “One Pot Kielbasa Pasta” and it’s suppose to look like this:


So tonight when I get home from work I shall make this (minus the scallions as I didn’t buy those – and my daughter and I aren’t big onion people – there are onions I’ll cook in this so I don’t want to do overkill on the onions), and this evening I’ll post part 2 – letting everyone know if it is as good as it looks and if it looked anything like the above picture because that picture makes it look TASTY!!!

I’ll post a picture too (oh my, I’m becoming one of those people).  LOL!

So until later my friends…

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