Wow It’s Been a Whole Week…

… since I have done any sort of blog post and I really have no excuse but being busy!  And since Friday I haven’t even worked but it’s amazing how busy you can be on a staycation.

Hubby got a new job in April so that meant no vacation this year unless I went and visited my dear cousin in Virginia. An 8 hour drive by myself with two children between the ages of 8 and 12 didn’t seem like a wise decision to me – and so I opted to stay home (and it was a good thing as I saw on Facebook earlier her kids started school today).

So here is how I have kept myself busy.

Saturday was spent seizing my state’s first ever sales tax free days on school supplies.  I went to the mall and bought stuff for my kids new school year, then hit the local office supply stores and Target to get their folders, paper and whatnot so they are all set when the new school year kicks off.

Saturday evening was spent at a local minor league ballpark where my mother-in-law got us tickets on a bobblehead night in honor of our local NFL team. The players dressed in the jerseys of the football team rather than their usual uniforms – and I must say – I rather liked how they looked!


The next day my hubby and boy child went to the ballpark again while I took my girl child to a local historical society where they were having a Civil War Re-Enactment.  It was really cool – the little bit of the re-enactment that I saw – and if I wasn’t familiar with history and know that Appomattox was the final battle where the Union won – watching this I would have swore the Confederacy was going to win.

But I didn’t get to see much of the Civil War stuff… no most of my time, on this hot day, was spent in the Glassworks watching two artisans create something from nothing. My daughter fell in love with glass blowing you see… she now knows what she wants to be when she grows up.


Monday came with girl child having her bff spend the day with us so we didn’t really go anywhere (because in the beginning of the day I didn’t know she was going to be spending the day with us, this I found out at 4:50pm) so I did icky work – trying to peel the adhesive flowers and butterflies that seemed like such a great decorating idea 9 years ago, off her walls. Never do this I warn… or if you do, don’t leave them on for 9 years and don’t begin this project without a big bottle of Goo Gone.


The above picture is our “before”, we are now changing her room color to a purple shade, more fitting the tween she is.

Yesterday our big plans included the 16 inning game between the Yankees and the Indians. I went to this game dressed in my Omar Vizquel jersey. With all my beloved Yankees finally being retired, I thought I could go into the stadium and be more neutral. Ha – did I learn something about myself.  You can’t support a team for 19 seasons and turn your back on them. Even if all the players that you enjoyed watching are gone…. and find yourself not really relating to the players that are presently on the team. I felt awkward not wearing Yankees (though I was going to wear my one hat – I couldn’t find it so it was just the Indians jersey I had to show any sort of allegiance). And listening to the crowd trash my team…. it fired me up. We didn’t arrive home until after 1am as the game went into a 16th inning with my team losing… but it was a great night that really allowed me to get to know myself again.


Today we did what girl child wanted to do – a trip to the zoo.  I love the zoo and the one in our town is just big enough that you don’t completely exhaust yourself visiting.  We saw everything in 4 hours which was good as we left 20 minutes before they closed. You begin with penguins and end with flamingos and you have lions, tigers and grizzly bears (oh my!) in between. The weather was perfect and we renewed the membership which means more visits in the future!


And with this owl bid you an adieu (so punny I know). Until next time!


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