The Summary of the Past Week


So my girl child started school yesterday and for the first time since first grade we got an answer of “Awesome!” to the question “How was your first day of school?”

Boy child is bored as his school does not begin until next Thursday – so he is home alone all day – I’m envious – but I think he is lonely without his big sister.

On the weight loss front I’ve opted not to follow the Skinny Rules – he made the mistake of banning white potatoes and though I haven’t made any potatoes this week – it’s just knowing I couldn’t have them that is bad.  I love potatoes.  And is it their fault they are white?  It’s not like they are bleached or anything – they are naturally white!

Anyhow – I did return to water aerobics on Monday but then getting last minute school items have taken up my time on Tuesday and Wednesday – today was the first day since Monday that I got to focus on me at all – and then I still had to come home and make dinner – then with a hubby who was away for 1.5 hours looking for some kind of ring for a car (don’t ask – automobiles are a shortcoming of mine, I can drive and put gas in them and know how large my gas tank is but that’s the extent of my knowledge) – well, no trips to the Nat for me today to ride the bike (since I have to head straight to the gym after work to get there in time for the water walking class). There is always tomorrow.

I promise to be a better blogger and be more timely.  I have a plan coming into shape for all kinds of things and I think my little world will be much happier!

Until tomorrow – rock on!



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