My Goals to be a Better Blogger

Greetings Peeps!

Today is the first day of a new work week and I am determined to make the most of every moment of the day.  I’ve already gotten the kids up and off to school and while I have my hour before I head off to the daily grind, I started working on the class I have signed up for… Blogging 201… and I’m focusing on what I want to achieve with my blog.

Goals.  Life is all about goals.  And even with starting this blog I’m sure I had a goal I wanted to accomplish.  I did.  My first goal was simple, I’ve always been an introvert (surprise – a blogger who is an introvert!) and with that comes that hard job of (gulp) making friends. I guess a part of me figured I would find people with common interests that I could find to discuss things with on my blog and by following other blogs (no, I wasn’t looking for a bff… though to have one would be nice).

Secondly, I could share cool information I find on Pinterest and other such fascinating places with many people at one time.

Thirdly… I’d be so incredibly wrong to not say that the thought of becoming a world famous blogger did go through my mind for about 5 seconds but ya know, I realize how slim those chances are, not to mention how I’m sure my introvert-self would really just LOVE that.

Lastly my goal is to try to blog daily, or close to it anyhow. Having 58 boards on Pinterest I feel I could come up with themes for the different days quite easily (HA!) it’s coming up with interesting titles that drags me down (One Direction song now going through my head).

But no more… today is the day life is going to be lived in the positive… we are going to live up to our goals!!! Do you have goals you want to live up too?  Share with me!


2 thoughts on “My Goals to be a Better Blogger

  1. Becky says:

    It’s so much fun to dream – but reality will have me definitely staying on top of things more… who knew back to school would suck so much energy out of me! Thanks so much for commenting – and don’t be a stranger!


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