Weight Loss Wednesday – Part 1

So… today I am starting out my day as I do many others.  I’ve gotten up, I’ve gotten the children out the door (boy child, girl child and man child – aka hubby) finished getting myself together and will eat some oatmeal for breakfast. Quick oats, the semi-real stuff. All will be good once I get to work and then about 11:30 it hits… hunger.

I do what all the wise “health experts” and “exercise gurus” say and begin drinking water. Often when we are hungry we are really just thirsty. I am thinking at these moments, I am just hungry as my stomach is telling me.

At 1 o’clock my lunch time arrives and I get to head home…and that’s where the bad thing happens. I eat, and eat and eat and eat.  I eat everything I see because by that time I am STARVED.

I have stuff in my house I’m not really wanting to eat (tempting foods) because my kids take their lunch to school (my daughter everyday as she is super picky, my son is about 50/50), and don’t feel they should have to go without just being I am trying to lose weight. I guess you could say my willpower SUCKS. Top it off with my own pickiness of foods, and well, it’s just difficult being me trying to lose weight.

I probably sound like a lot of people out there.  So I’m going to use my blog to stay accountable.  I was debating about putting it all out there and stating my weight for all the world to see… but I am not sure if I feel that courageous today (or any day) but we’ll see.

But today is another starting day for me and this journey. I need to suck it up and get focused because after I have my blowout binge at lunch…I feel like utter crap the rest of the day. And I hate that feeling.

So today I’m trying to eat better. I am eating my oatmeal as I type – a 1/4 cup of dry oatmeal cooked with 1/2 cup of water and 1 tbsp. of brown sugar. Seeing as most fruits I like require cutting… I’ll just take a string cheese with me to work for a snack when I get hungry to tied me over to when I get home for lunch.

Wish me luck – I may do a part 2 later today for an update on my success (yay!) or failure (boo).

I can do this…

If you are a picky eater (translated – you like few fruits and vegetables) and you have tips for me… please share!


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