Are You Ready for Some Football???


So todays’ post will be short and sweet as I am in the midst of watching my beloved New York Football Giants play the Washington Redskins in a battle of the pigskin.  Presently my team is ahead 15-6.

Why a Giants fan in Northeast Ohio?  That’s what happens when my hometown team cut my favorite player 25 years ago… I was devoted to kicker Matt Bahr (yes, a kicker – the unsung heroes of the NFL) and when the Browns signed Jerry Kauric over re-signing Matt… I was mad. And then when Raul Allegre got injured before September was over and Bill Parcells signed Matt to replace him…. history was made… I became a Giants fan and here I am still rooting for them 25 years later.

I’m sure the Giants winning Super Bowl XXV that season helped. But I have had winning seasons and really bad seasons (like 3 or 5 wins total) but I keep with them. Even through coaches I disliked (the Dan Reeves years). Now I can’t imagine rooting for anyone else… not to mention I look way better in blue, white and red than I ever did in brown and orange.

Go Giants!


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