Miscellaneous Monday

So during the family party for my boy child yesterday I learned a valuable lesson – 2 platefuls of potato chips, dip (Lawson’s – the good kind), Doritos and some “S’More Mix” (this is a combination of milk chocolate chips, Golden Grahams and mini-marshmallows) mixed with punch (rainbow sherbet, 7-Up and Hawaiian Punch) even spread out over the course of the afternoon and you have one sick me.  I stayed feeling crappy like that for the rest of the evening.  Oh wait  there was a slice of cake too…

But it was all good.

After eating so much “junk” I had to admit I thought the scale would tell a different tale this morning – but alas I’d only gained .2 pounds.  I didn’t think that was so bad.  Still have lots of work to do, but I do plan on heading to the gym after work tonight – the question is will I do my water walking or ride the recumbent bike.  I’m leaning to the latter.

This week one of my goals is to work on time management better.  I have so many things I attempt to do each week and it seems like I don’t even accomplish any of what I want to on my mental list. But I am determined with the week ending in a new month of being able to get myself into a better groove.

That’s all for now – I’m off to continue my listening of One Direction… I’m on my second repeat of Girl Almighty presently.  It does get me in a mood to get up and just move – have a great day!


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