Oh No! It’s Sunday!

Sunday – it’s such a bittersweet day.  I love it because it’s a day off of work, it’s filled with Giants football which can be good or bad for me (today it was good, I got to watch the game on television AND they beat the bills 24-10), and today in particular I got a great deal accomplished.  I got up, I water walked, I went grocery shopping, I switched out my beachy theme that I have in my home most of the year and put out my fall decorations (or most of them as the football game came on), I then went on a hike as I participate in the Fall Hiking Spree that my area Metro Parks offers each year, I came home ate chili for dinner that hubby made (oh, wait, it’s award-winning chili now – he won a cook-off with the Boy Scouts and is the official chili master now) and then started laundry. And now I’m writing my blog.

What do I dislike about Sundays?  What everyone dislikes about Sundays – having to go back to work tomorrow.

Last week I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger and the Sisterhood of World Bloggers – not sure I am really all that deserving with my very new blog but I am very appreciative for Evgenia of Living on Annette for nominating me for this honor.  Now, part of this is suppose to include me nominating 11 others – and I know so many blogs I follow have already had people winning various awards so if you want me to choose you – let me know and I’ll be happy to assign questions for you!  Here goes the questions Evgenia asked me.

  1. What is your favourite thing to do for yourself? This is a tough question to start this all off.  As odd as it sounds I like to be able to enjoy sitting back and reading a book – uninterrupted… I seldom get to do this.
  2. What season do you like the most and why? Late spring, because early spring here in Ohio is still cold and icky… but late spring is warm and full of the world once again coming back to life… everything is full of new beginnings.
  3. Describe yourself in three words? Mom, Wife, Quirky.
  4. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? I would like to see myself as a successful entrepreneur, fingers crossed!
  5. What is friendship to you? Friendship for me is an elusive thing.  It’s having a friend who I can turn to in good times and bad and rely on that person to have my back through the thick and thin and always be there with a smile or a hug.  I so wish I had one of these people in my life but I royally suck at choosing friends!
  6. What makes you happy? Seeing my kids happy, the Giants winning a game, accomplishing a goal.
  7. What is your fav holiday and why?  My favorite holiday is Christmas, I love to decorate my house using all the ornaments that I use to hang on the tree when I was little (as my mom gave them all to me – they are wooden ornaments and she handpainted them with my aunt as she was afraid glass ornaments could break and my sister and I could get hurt – when my mom mentioned when I moved out of her decorating her tree with glass ornaments as she had always wanted to do – I told my sister she never had to get me another Christmas present again if she would let me have all the ornaments – and they are all mine!  Now I love that these same ornaments (along with a few others) are hung on my tree by my own kids… however I don’t see myself giving my ornaments away to my own children – they can fight over them when I die.
  8. What do you do to make this world better place? I try to amuse people with my blog and I’m trying to raise two children to add to the goodness in the world – which seems to be harder and harder to find each day (the goodness in the word that is).
  9. Fav person to be around? I have to plural this as they are my kids.  I find them both to be so amazing – if only they really understood how much I adore them both!  And they can make me just sit there and smile.
  10. Fav quote? My favorite quote is the following – I read it the summer of 1989 and has always stuck with me:  “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” by Charlotte Bronte, from Jane Eyre.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a happy Sunday!


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