November 1st – My First of 30 Days of Thankfulness

Each year on Facebook I tend to post for 30 days the things for which I am thankful for in life.  This is a task that I find to be completely easy to do some days and other days I simply scratch my head and wonder what on earth I can think of to be thankful for today.

Today, my first day, is easy.  I am thankful for my children.  When I got married 12-1/2 years ago, I specifically told my husband I could care less if I had kids (leaning towards not wanting to have any as my husband already had a daughter).  Less than a month into our marriage and I was already expecting.  I never was so tired in all my life as I was with both of my pregnancies.  But once my daughter was born I can honestly say that she, now they, were the greatest thing I never knew I always wanted.

Are my kids frustrating…of course, they would not be human if they didn’t drive me a little crazy (more crazy than not), but I love them with every fiber of my being and would do anything for them. I am also pretty positive that this will not be my only post regarding my thankfulness throughout the month of November for my kids… but for day 1 it was the obvious choice.



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