Weeping Wednesday


Are you the type of person who when they get mad they cry?  I do.  And I’ve been having a really hard time with a co-worker that I share an office with and it seems like no matter what I do, it’s not good enough.  Last year I “ticked her off” because I listened to music in the office.  Many days no one would turn on music so when the silence in the office became too much by 10:30 or so I would turn Pandora on because the ticking of the clock drives me insane.

Well, now it drives me insane daily as I don’t ever turn the music on because I dare not rock the boat.  A month ago I was told that one of the essential oils that I use to alleviate my headaches (Past Tense) was making her sick, so despite it helping me with my tension headaches, I grinned and dealt with 2.5 weeks of headaches every day because again, I didn’t want to make her ill.

Today I was informed rather nastily that the Clary Calm I used for girly things was making her sick (I wasn’t using this before – and I only use it sparingly). She showed me her shaking hand because she is now in for a very long evening because my dab behind my ears and the dabs on my lower back made the office just intolerable for her.

I genuinely feel horrible that I have caused her discomfort in any way. But it is just the tone she said it all in, like I did this all on purpose.

Two weeks ago because I didn’t stop what I was doing and asked for a few minutes so I could finish a task with my job as I didn’t want to make an error and not drop everything to go over what she wanted to go over when I returned from lunch (I was already in the midst of a project when she asked for a moment of my time) anyhow she literally threw the papers at me and left the room. All because I asked if it could wait.

Has anyone else ever encountered a co-worker that you just don’t get along with?

So since the end of my work day I have been a weeping mess. Girly stuff I am sure is not helping. I guess for day 4 in my quest for being thankful for things I should be thankful for the ability to cry… because who knows what I would do without it.


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