What Do You Think of Essential Oils?

Early this year I went to a fellow water walker’s class she was having on Essential Oils.  Strangely enough the type of essential oils that she uses is DoTerra, which is the same brand my cousin presented to me a few months later over the summer.

I have used a small handful of the products – primarily blends which I have found to be quite useful for me.  Past Tense I have found to relieve my headaches when caught early practically instantaneously, which makes sense as it is the Tension Blend.  I use the Clary Calm when it’s that more emotional time of the month as it really helps to balance me out as far as my hormones are concerned (if there are any men reading this I do apologize for getting personal). The AromaTouch is great for my ailing muscle and joint aches I get now that I am getting older.  Last weekend after 2 strenuous water walking classes and 3 hikes – I found myself with a hip that was on fire – a few nights of hubby massaging the oil into my lower back, upper buttocks and I was good to go in a few days time.  Last but not least is the respiratory blend, Breathe, that I have been diffusing in my room for since mid-July and where I normally get a bad cold in the summer months or have an asthma occurrence in the fall as the seasons change… this year (knock on wood) I’ve had nothing.


I am coming to believe that these oils really work.  Now whether they would fix big time horrible problems I don’t know – but I tend to be a believer in the specific issues that I use them for.

Do any of you use essential oils and if so, what are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance for sharing!


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