Being Crafty

So tomorrow I get to be “Room Mother” to my son’s fourth grade class. He is so excited for me to be there and I hope I am not super nervous getting up in front of his class to show them how to do a craft for their winter party.

My son had a plan I think over a month ago… instead of the usual “juice box” for this years party, he wanted us to do a craft.  I wasn’t overly thrilled and tried to talk him into cookies or candy… ya know, easy stuff… but he stuck by his “I want to do a craft”.  So we sat down on Pinterest and found crafts that could be done with paper plates and construction paper.

I then found out a few days ago that along with the whole “let’s do a craft” thing, they assumed I was coming into help.  Mind you I work a full-time job so despite wishing I could be a room mother for both children would be awesome, but the reality is I work.

So I texted his teacher in a hope that I didn’t have to go in.  The teacher said I didn’t and claimed she would show the class what to do and was happy I was sending in supplies and directions to do things.  As I continued to annoy her I’m sure on her evening time “off”, I discovered that the classroom had no room mothers.  It was just going to be her.

How sad is that???

So lucky for me I have a wonderful boss who has the holiday spirit and is allowing me to take my lunch and hour early tomorrow so I can go and assist my son’s class during his Winter Party.  My son is so excited he could burst.  At his bowling banquet today a few of the kids were telling me that they’ll see me tomorrow.  Here, he’d already told everyone I was coming.

So adventure time for me… let’s hope paper plate reindeer, Christmas trees, angels and wreaths are festive enough for this group of fourth graders.



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