Weigh-In Wednesday, Week 1


So, how many of you had losing weight, eating healthy, or something else along those lines as one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Now that we are almost 2 weeks into the new year, who has done well?

I have not.  I have lost… a total of 1.6 pounds.  Hardly what my goal was for the year.  So I am turning to my peers to go on this journey with me.  You will help be my accountability.

So now I struggle… do I just say how much I need to lose or do I really put the big number out there?  It’s really not so bad.  I know people who have far more weight to lose than I.  At this point in time I want to lose 58.4 pounds.  A very do-able number, but at the same time finding the time and correct food to eat is difficult.  Why do fruits and veggies cost so much?  Why does my work not have a kitchen where I could go to cut up food in the middle of the day so my desk doesn’t become an icky sticky mess?

These are just one of many ways I can talk myself out of eating healthy.

Carbs are my weakness.  Dr. Pepper too…. I had done so well not drinking pop and then suddenly last Friday I had a massive migraine.  It hurt to turn my head because as soon as I did, my head would throb… ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom.

So on my lunch I weakened and went to the gas station and got my first Dr. Pepper of the year.  A whopping 69 cent Polar Pop from the Circle K.  Topped off with my Bed Buddy (one of those awesome t-shirt cylinders with rice inside to it’s nice moist heat on ones neck and shoulders – my first one just died and I’d had it over 20 years, it was wore out as it began getting holes in it, one of the greatest inventions ever) by 2:30 all was right with the world.


Then of course hubby bought 2 liters for me and it is an addiction for me… if it is in the house, I will drink it.

So today is the first of many Weigh In Wednesdays.  Feel free to comment below with how much weight you want to lose, and what you are doing to make it happen.

I did join my local gym (I had joined last year too).  Now I just need to figure out how I am going to exercise without it being my whole life (as was the case last year).  Surely there is some sort of balance. I will find it.


The struggle is real and know you aren’t alone!  And I can’t afford to spend money to join two letters at the end of the alphabet that aid people in losing weight, and some of the other weight loss websites just bore me after using them so long… it’s too hard inputting all the food….

Oh my gosh – my laziness is showing!  But seriously, sometimes entering all the ingredients and guestimating how much of this was in your tuna noodle casserole just becomes annoying.  Am I alone here?

Let’s help each other be accountable!  Starting now!


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