My Rude Awakening

So tonight was a fun evening for my family. Boy-child had the lucky experience of pie-ing my hubby in the face. He did an awesome job of centering it and squishing it in his face into the plate quite nicely. Hubby has whip cream up his nose, such a great evening.

My rude awakening came when the Cub Scout meeting was over and I was sitting at home in my recliner and parents began posting pictures of the meeting (5 Cub Scouts were allowed to choose a leader and pie them in the face for selling $300 worth of popcorn in the fall). Videos were posted but one photo in particular caught my attention.

It was a profile picture of myself and for the first time I totally saw how large I’ve become.

I got up yesterday morning and exercised, partaking in Leslie Sansone’s Walk It Off in 30 Days. I ended up with a migraine by the end of the morning so I took it easy today.

But no more.

No more excuses. No more sweets. No more Dr. Peppers. It’s time to be strong. It’s time to get healthy.

And it starts now.


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