I Survived

Yesterday we had my girl-child’s family birthday party.  It was her a set of paternal great-grandparents, her grandmother on her paternal side, plus an uncle, my parents, and friends of ours that we met through our children as their oldest boy is in girl-child’s grade, and their daughter is in boy-child’s grade.  Isn’t that nice?

My day yesterday was spent cleaning… though things were somewhat at a stand-still as my children both slept in until after 10am.  When you need to run a vacuum and such, this is a HUGE bummer.  Not that I could, hubby is president of the PTA and so we had stuff all over the living room in piles awaiting his return from a meeting that began at 8am that needed picked up.

I honestly thought hubby was going to assist me with me with whole de-cluttering process… but I was mistaken.  He returned home from his meeting at 2:55pm.  Yes folks, almost a 7-hour meeting.  One I thought was going to be an hour.  Possibly 2 tops.  I’m so lucky.

But somehow I managed to go get the needed items for dinner, food and such (she wanted a taco bar – we had hard shells, soft shells, taco rice, corn cake, salsa, Doritos, salad fixings, tortilla chips and con queso sauce… I felt I had it all covered.

Came home from the store, focused on the dining room, got it cleaned, tablecloth on and arranged the dishes how I wanted the food and drinks to be set up.  I then moved all the heavy PTA stuff to the basement and was able to dust so when hubby did get home he was able to vacuum while I showered and made myself pretty.

Somehow we pulled it all off, topped off with a tie dye ice cream cake… she enjoyed her day and being the center of attention… and I survived.

I often wonder, is all this trouble worth it?

And hubby, who got out of all the cleaning…. I delegated cleaning up to him.  I felt it was only fair.

Now the real trick… keeping the living room as clean as it is at this moment, so I don’t have to go crazy and get all sweaty cleaning these spaces when we have people over.  Hmmmm…. such a wacky idea, keeping the living spaces clean.


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