Manic Monday

After the day I had I found it oddly satisfying that on my way home from Target it was the dulcit tones of the Bangles singing their big hit “Manic Monday”, rounding out my day.

Today I woke up feeling super tense in my shoulders. I actually wondered if it would have been a migraine if it weren’t for the super cool memory foam pillow my boss got me 2 weeks ago for my birthday. It is contoured for neck support and I can honestly say that in the two weeks I’ve been using it I’ve not awoke in the morning with a migraine. Which is awesome because my head hurts so awful when I wake up with the headaches, and no matter how many drugs I take, they don’t go away. Well, until 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon when they (the headaches) just magically go away.

Anyhow… my daughter woke up stuffy and with a horrible sore throat. She sucked it up and went to school (not a shocker, she has had perfect attendance more years than she hasn’t since starting kindergarten).

Then my son didn’t want to go to school as after hubby had an altercation with the principal last Thursday (that’s a post all its own), boy child feared the principal was going to come after him. Luckily it seems they are keeping my son out of this.

Hubby was asked to resign as president of the PTA due to above altercation, so I got that text around 3:30 today. Sadly he is more bummed than I am about this. As much as I have loved my kids elementary school, this past year has not left me with a feeling of happiness. Just a hope I can get boy child open enrolled in another district next month.

So now everyone is home. Boy child is playing Legend of Zelda on the Wii, girl child is playing Sims3 on my laptop and I am typing this, content that I found cold medicines that will make my baby girl feel better. I hate to see her under the weather (as it rarely happens).

So that was my manic Monday, how was yours?


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