I Didn’t Make Rocks In My Cake Pop Maker!

Woo Hoo!  I’m so excited.  For the first time in 2 years (well, not that we’ve tried often since we first got the machine 2 years ago) I didn’t make rocks when I made something in the cake pop maker!


As I began cleaning my kitchen last weekend it happened.  I came across the cake pop maker that my mom actually purchased for my daughter, as she had gotten a cake pop maker for Christmas that as pretty and colorful as it was, you didn’t bake the cakes, they somehow did their thing in the refrigerator and then you decorated them and all was good with the world.

Trouble was with my wannabe-baker daughter, it wasn’t good enough.  So my mom purchased her a cake pop maker:


And normally everything has turned to a rock.  Brownies (rocks on the outside, gooshy mess on the inside) and cakes both.

So last week I began perusing Pinterest for recipes that people had successfully made in a cake pop maker.  I figured maybe that was my problem, maybe the recipes that came with the instruction book for the cake pop maker were never actually made in a cake pop maker.

And I found recipes – and today I tried the first – a donut recipe (why not get the disappointment done first thing in the morning).  So I went to Pinterest, pulled up the recipe and began.  Here is the link to my pin should you want to go and pin it for yourself.  I would like to thank the Moscato Mom blog for the recipe.  It has been taste tested by both of my children and their friend.

The batter was easy… throw everything into a bowl, and mix together (I like things that don’t have to be mixed together in a certain order, I inevitably do something wrong).


Now it didn’t say to do this – but I took some cooking spray and put it in the cake pop maker and then filled the holes with a spoonful of dough.  Cooked them for 5 minutes and then rolled them in some powder sugar (there was a glaze recipe but my daughters friend has allergies to things so I opted to go with just the powder sugar).  And here was the end result:


It made 18 donuts for me – a perfect amount for my family.  I had one, I thought they were pretty good – can’t wait to try it with the glaze sometime, I think they would be even better that way.

Still in shock I made something edible!

Now off to finish a wreath I began last year and then this evening is my son’s Blue & Gold banquet for Boy Scouts.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with yummies and relaxation!


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