It’s Saturday!

Today is hopefully going to be a good day.  I get to enjoy my 2-day weekend as next week I don’t get to enjoy such a luxury.  Next week is the biggest sale of the year for the company I work for – and my least favorite – it’s the Warehouse Sale – long hours standing on my feet and just massive chaos.

Can you tell how much I love it?

My boy child finished school this past week while girl child finished up the week before.  Very trying year.  For girl-child I was use to high honor roll or at least a report card filled with A’s and B’s, maybe a C in math and this year was the exact opposite. I know she is not me (she points this out daily) but I don’t recall having such a difficult time adjusting to middle school as she did.  Oh well, life will be better next year.

Boy child’s year was bad because well, he was a boy.  He took a book on the bus and was showing the other kids the pictures inside (it was a body book to discuss things with my daughter) he got an in-school suspension for that and then when the boy who’d bullied him for at least 3 years let loose telling him he is so ugly that no one wants to be his friend and that pretty soon he was going to be kicked out of Boy Scouts for being so ugly as well… Boy child had enough and hit him on the arm.  2-Day suspension for that… but sadly I couldn’t have been more proud, especially when I went to his awards program this past Wednesday and saw just how big the bully was… I give my son credit for standing up to him.  AND, the bully has not bothered my son again.

So today is the first Saturday that both kids are out of school.  I’m seizing the day and heading to our local zoo to check out the baby snow leopards that are officially out on display for an hour each day.  So excited, it’s always fun to see the babies.

But the zoo also has penguins!  This is always one of my children’s favorite sections of the zoo – and it kicks the whole experience off!  We are lucky to have a local zoo that is constantly expanding.  So educational – and it was so refreshing to hear some of the things they do to keep the natural instincts alive within the animals, like hiding their food so they still have to “hunt” for it.  And how as soon as any offspring is born for the one type, they whisk it away to a place in the Carolinas so they aren’t raised in the zoos but in a spot where they are more “in the wild” in an effort to get the natural species numbers up. I’d go out on a limb and say which species it is… but then I’d probably be wrong so we’ll just leave it anonymous for now.


Wishing you all a happy Saturday!  Like how my daughter put her hat on the center penguin above on our last visit to the zoo?  They crack me up! I hope to get a good shot of the baby snow leopards today – if I do I’ll share in the comments below.



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