Mind, Body & Sole


So last night my kids and I signed up for the Mind, Body & Sole program that is put on by our county library and sponsored by local businesses.  It’s fun, and not only gets you reading but it gets you moving too.

Summer Reading & Exercise Program

The name of this program is called Mind, Body and Sole and it’s because along with tracking days in which you read – they are encouraging you to get up and move for approximately 30 minutes a day as well – and we all can use physical movement.

So yesterday after signing up, my son (who was the one who really wanted to sign up for this) checked out 4 books, my daughter checked out 1 (who decided she would sign up too – despite not really wanting too) and then we went to the local Metro Park and hiked with friends.


Today we went back to the library and my son checked out 4 more books because the ones he checked out last night he’d read already (he is a lover of the graphic novel – he can’t get enough of super heroes).  Today’s picks included 3 Ninjago and 1 Phineas & Ferb.  Should make for excellent reading.

Spree For All

After our trip to the library we went to a different Metro Park and participated in one of the smaller hikes that qualify us for the Spree for All program.  A few years ago we earned our lanyards and now each year we get a pin for each additional year we complete it.  I enjoy the Spree for All Program simply because it includes people of all ages and even those who may have disabilities.  All the surfaces are flat and smooth, so strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers can do it, and often the trails are optional lengths of 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or 1 mile.  We chose to do 1 mile this evening.

Presently we have 2 trails done, 3 to go.  We should have them finished up by the end of the weekend.  July 1st starts the biking spree, we may try this for the first time (we attempted 2 years ago before my son could ride a 2-wheeler, so this year could prove interesting).

Nothing like reading and exercise to get you through rough days.  I’m lucky I have 2 great kids who do these programs with me.


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