How to Save Money & Entertain Your Children


So it is summer time and having 2 kids (ages 9 and 12) can make for a huge challenge when it comes to keeping them entertained when obviously the first thing out the door when you don’t have money is your entertainment dollar.

So you look around to find ways to amuse them.  Today we utilized our local library.  This is the same local library who has entertained us with our reading program (I’m excelling by the way – not too sure how much reading my youngest has done as of late but it’s even his attempt at reading that makes me happy).

But today hubby took boy child to Jedi Training at our local library and it made his day.  Though he knew they were “meaningless” commands, he still enjoyed swinging around a lightsaber, trying to easily go through an obstacle course, and I would assume overall Jedi mind tricks – it was a fun program completely free for the younger kids at our library branch.

Next week it will be girl child’s turn as she heads into tye dying a t-shirt.  I keep telling her we would be happy to take her to Hula Hoop Dance tomorrow afternoon, but she says she’ll pass.  Dancing with a hula hoop could be extremely fun if you ask me.  Though my hips probably never want to see a hula hoop again.

We’ve signed our kids up for a handful of these programs already… with being a 1-income family there isn’t a whole lot we can do, but we can find ways to keep the kids entertained so they have interesting stories to tell when they return to school at the end of August.


2 thoughts on “How to Save Money & Entertain Your Children

  1. sandyvern says:

    I have to vouch for the Hula Hooping! I can’t dance to save my life…but somewhere along the way a couple of years ago, I heard about this ‘hoop dancing’ stuff and have been hooked ever since! I still can’t dance…but have way too much fun hooping and learning some of the moves etc. Turns out there is a yoga instructor where I do yoga who teaches hoop classes so of course I signed up. Lots of fun!! So much fun that I don’t even realize I am working up a sweat! 🙂


    • Becky says:

      I will have to keep your words of wisdom in mind should I see a Hula Hoop Dancing class being taught again…. and keep an eye out for it being instructed for adults. I’m sure it’s exactly what my hips need as they have all kinds of things hanging on them for a “lifetime”.

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