Massive Cleaning

Today is Sunday.  Sunday is my cleaning day.  I learned a while ago that after working for 5 days, I need a day to just “veg out… lay like broccoli” to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Not that I just sit around and do nothing.  Some Saturdays that is the case.  Other Saturdays, like yesterday, I can be active.  For the first time in 2 years I rode my bike!  Now that my youngest is able to ride a 2-wheeler, as a family we opted to do the first of 5 bike rides to take part in the Summit Metro Parks Biking Spree.  This allows you to ride 5 different trails or the same trail 5 times.  We did the shortest trail as I wasn’t sure what all my son would be up for so we opted to start out with 4 miles.  The next shortest is like 6 miles.  I could see us doing the 1 trail 5 times, but you know what?  That’s okay because he got outside and moved and didn’t sit around playing video games ALL DAY LONG.

But today is cleaning day.  My stepdaughter is coming to stay with us for a few weeks mid this week and honestly, the house needs a good picking up.

And since hubby tore the room apart where the furnace was, I haven’t exactly been able to do laundry for the past week either.  So that needs done.

So that’s my goal for today… Oh, and I’m determined to do some physical activity of some sort today with the kids to keep my streak alive.  I am determined to have a movement-filled July!


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