Happy Belated 4th of July

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  Being the history geek that I am, I get a kick out of wishing my country a happy 240th birthday.  Not just because I’m patriotic. The Revolutionary War is my favorite war (I like to think it was a war that was worth fighting for).

This year I seemed to enjoy it even more.  When I went to Boston last fall with my friend to see One Direction, and I brought up making sure that we hit the historical spots during the day (I couldn’t go to Boston and not see these great spots) it put the Revolutionary War in an entirely different perspective.

I saw the places where our forefathers met in secret to plan how we were going to declare our independence from an unjust government.  You think taxes are bad now?  They taxed us colonies way more than they taxed those in Britain just because we were the colonists. They tried to go about it in more peaceful ways (dumping tea and the like) but the British didn’t get it and punished us further.

So the Revolutionary War began. And as the ultimate underdog the United States won.

So many people dislike history and hate that we have to learn it (this would be my husband and daughter…. I think my son may be getting into it more like me) but history can be exciting and something we can learn from in an attempt to not make the same mistake twice.

These are photos from my Boston trip and the spots where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the like met to plan so we can be free today.

To the nation I say Happy Birthday.  To my forefathers I say Thank you.


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