We Finally Went to the Zoo!

Today was a big deal for me – ever since early June I’ve wanted to head to the Akron Zoo and see the baby snow leopards that were born in early March.  Time and time again on the weekends I’d wanted to go but for some odd reason the kids ended up not wanting to go and me, not wanted to deal with miserable kids, opted to just stay home.

I’ve learned to pick my battles.

But today I didn’t care.  Today I had hubby on my side and together we faced the children and made them go.

It helped that girl child opted to get excited about taking her camera and taking her own pictures.  My boy child was his usual, stubborn self who felt no need to go.

In the end, we had a great time. Since we’d gone in May we didn’t do the entire zoo, we did the first half as hubby had an appointment at 2:30 and it was 85 degrees with high humidity and no one really felt like walking up the big hill to get to the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!).

Here are the babies – there are 2 boys and 1 girl snow leopard.  I’m not sure which 2 were out for us to actual see… but they are cute!  The one up close to the window quite enjoyed following my husband’s hand through the glass.  He swirled it around and the paw of the leopard just followed it.  I told him he’d probably have had a friend for life.

Also included are pictures of a python and jaguar.  Last is the quote from the Kimodo Kingdom – it houses the kimodo dragons, cafeteria and coral reef exhibit at the moment – and my daughter wanted a picture and it’s a great quote by Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Happy Tuesday Everybody!


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