Book Review: Best Day Ever


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So I’m one of those people who wishes I could afford every book I see, but I can’t, so I am smart and I use my local library, even for books on my Nook.  A book I got in line for was entitled “Best Day Ever” by Kaira Rouda and actually took me a couple of months to get as I was the 26th person to place a hold.

Two weeks ago I finally got the email stating the book was on loan to me.  When I began reading it, I’ll admit that the book wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be, and it’s main character, Paul Strom, is definitely a person I would never want to meet in real life.  I do not want to give away the ending so I won’t go into detail as I hate it when I’m reading a review and it gives away the ending of the book.

This was a complex story about a husband and wife heading up to their Lake Erie home to have what the husband described as their “best day ever”. It is told from Paul’s point of view, learning about how he met his wife Mia, landed his job, and how he feels about a lot of things.

As a person who lives in the state of Ohio, I found it quite fascinating as I knew the area they drove too as my own family just went camping a few years back where Lakeside, Ohio is located. Not to mention my sister attended church camp there throughout high school (I gave up on church camp at a young age after the one I went to in second and third grade lied to me 2 years straight, I never went back again).

I can say that I love how Kaira Rouda described Paul.  He was extremely well written and his quirks went on throughout the entire book, consistently giving you a specific vibe for him and his personality.

“Best Day Ever” is definitely a more serious read and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a book you would take to the beach.  It’s more of a “read it in the middle of the day, in the middle of the winter” kind of book.

Any books you think I should read?  Comment below as I love a good book!


Becky’s Book Review: “My (Not So) Perfect Life”

I love to read, so as a monthly feature I’m going to attempt to write a book review.  If you have read the book – by all means please make a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My first book is by an author whose books I love!  Her name is Sophie Kinsella and about a month ago I was lucky enough to put a hold on her latest book, “My (Not So) Perfect Life”, and get it fairly quickly.  At the time I hadn’t realized it had just come out.  But as is the case with all of Ms. Kinsella’s books, I couldn’t put it down.

The Plot

Her character’s are always those I can relate too.  In this book, Katie (aka “Cat”) reminded me a great deal of myself.  Though I am American and not British, her yearning to live in London reminded me so much of my own dream of living in New York City (though I can see the charm of London, I went on a trip there exactly 27 years ago this very day with my school – and it is one of my all time favorite places).  Katie, though broke, was trying to live the dream (I can honestly say I never achieved my goal of living in NYC, at least not yet.  I would have rather enjoyed experiencing the town I lived in rather than having to work 3 jobs just to pay for a studio apartment).

I am not going to go into all kinds of detail as I don’t want to spoil the story for someone who does want to read it – but life doesn’t go as planned for Katie, and though she isn’t exactly honest with those who love and think the world of her, she lands on her feet in a way only Katie can do.

My Thoughts

This book had moments when you were cheering Katie on, tsk-ing her as she did something that you weren’t really proud of her doing, and smiling as she found out there really is no place like home, even if you want home to be some place new.

It also made a great point that I have always found interesting when I am perusing my own social media accounts.  If I’m having a bad day and wish to moan and groan I find myself stopping and deleting the letters.  I can’t let the world know that I’m having a bad day.  What happens if people realize my life isn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows?

This is what this book is about – realizing that people’s reality is nothing what you see posted on the internet.

Why I Love Books by Sophie

My favorite part of reading any Sophie Kinsella book is how entertaining they are.  Doesn’t matter which book you are reading – from my favorite “Can You Keep a Secret”? to my next favorite of “Twenties Girl” (have tissues ready) they are wonderful books you can read time and time again without the explicitness other chick lit books provide.  She writes about real life and though some of the funny moments I hope never happen to me, we all have these moments in life that we recall years later that make us chuckle.

I find that Ms. Kinsella writes about real life in a way that is fun and not so stuffy and negative.  Her characters are like real people, friends who come into your life for a few hundred pages and honestly don’t want them to leave.

Oh did I mention the downside of these books?  You want to find out what happens, but at the same time you don’t want them to end.

If you have a book you would like to recommend I read and review – please let me know in the comments.  If you have read “My (Not So) Perfect Life” let me know what you think!