Massive Cleaning

Today is Sunday.  Sunday is my cleaning day.  I learned a while ago that after working for 5 days, I need a day to just “veg out… lay like broccoli” to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Not that I just sit around and do nothing.  Some Saturdays that is the case.  Other Saturdays, like yesterday, I can be active.  For the first time in 2 years I rode my bike!  Now that my youngest is able to ride a 2-wheeler, as a family we opted to do the first of 5 bike rides to take part in the Summit Metro Parks Biking Spree.  This allows you to ride 5 different trails or the same trail 5 times.  We did the shortest trail as I wasn’t sure what all my son would be up for so we opted to start out with 4 miles.  The next shortest is like 6 miles.  I could see us doing the 1 trail 5 times, but you know what?  That’s okay because he got outside and moved and didn’t sit around playing video games ALL DAY LONG.

But today is cleaning day.  My stepdaughter is coming to stay with us for a few weeks mid this week and honestly, the house needs a good picking up.

And since hubby tore the room apart where the furnace was, I haven’t exactly been able to do laundry for the past week either.  So that needs done.

So that’s my goal for today… Oh, and I’m determined to do some physical activity of some sort today with the kids to keep my streak alive.  I am determined to have a movement-filled July!


I Survived

Yesterday we had my girl-child’s family birthday party.  It was her a set of paternal great-grandparents, her grandmother on her paternal side, plus an uncle, my parents, and friends of ours that we met through our children as their oldest boy is in girl-child’s grade, and their daughter is in boy-child’s grade.  Isn’t that nice?

My day yesterday was spent cleaning… though things were somewhat at a stand-still as my children both slept in until after 10am.  When you need to run a vacuum and such, this is a HUGE bummer.  Not that I could, hubby is president of the PTA and so we had stuff all over the living room in piles awaiting his return from a meeting that began at 8am that needed picked up.

I honestly thought hubby was going to assist me with me with whole de-cluttering process… but I was mistaken.  He returned home from his meeting at 2:55pm.  Yes folks, almost a 7-hour meeting.  One I thought was going to be an hour.  Possibly 2 tops.  I’m so lucky.

But somehow I managed to go get the needed items for dinner, food and such (she wanted a taco bar – we had hard shells, soft shells, taco rice, corn cake, salsa, Doritos, salad fixings, tortilla chips and con queso sauce… I felt I had it all covered.

Came home from the store, focused on the dining room, got it cleaned, tablecloth on and arranged the dishes how I wanted the food and drinks to be set up.  I then moved all the heavy PTA stuff to the basement and was able to dust so when hubby did get home he was able to vacuum while I showered and made myself pretty.

Somehow we pulled it all off, topped off with a tie dye ice cream cake… she enjoyed her day and being the center of attention… and I survived.

I often wonder, is all this trouble worth it?

And hubby, who got out of all the cleaning…. I delegated cleaning up to him.  I felt it was only fair.

Now the real trick… keeping the living room as clean as it is at this moment, so I don’t have to go crazy and get all sweaty cleaning these spaces when we have people over.  Hmmmm…. such a wacky idea, keeping the living spaces clean.

Super (Cleaning) Saturday

Tomorrow is boy child’s family birthday party.  Thursday was his birthday, a day in which he turned 9.  He is defying me, people, he promised he would not grow up.  Hmmmph!

So what is on today’s agenda?  Cleaning!

Somewhere in between life and work I never find time to clean… I have a man child who is does nothing more than sit at home and do whatever it is he does on his iPad every evening – except when he is assisting with boy child’s Boy Scout troop (does anyone else have a hubby who doesn’t help?  When I asked him why he doesn’t help clean anymore as when we met he was the one who was the tidier of the two of us and his reply was simple… why bother, it’s just going to get dirty again.  Yeah, lucky me).

Hubby did replace some broken tiles in the kitchen that kept hurting my feet when I walked in the kitchen.  There was one when you put weight on it just the right way (which I did daily) would stick up and point me in the foot.  Ouch! So the kitchen is off limits until 8pm tonight as that way I know the 4 replaced tiles should be set and then it appears grout still may be an issue?

But I have other rooms to keep me occupied today.  Living room, dining room, 2 sets of stairs, a hallway and the bathroom. Throw in girl child’s violin lesson and trying to fit a hike in some time today – and it’s a full day.

Made a really good meal last night… I’d taken out hamburger two days ago and we ended up going in a different direction for dinner, so I had to make something with the defrosted meat.  So of course, I turned to Pinterest and found several good recipes but the one I went with was a Korean Beef Bowl.  It was really good… and it only took about 15-20 minutes to make!  I will confess I did not have the green onions – it was my only lacking ingredient – but I definitely would make it again!


So wish me luck, my peeps, and I hope you all much more fascinating plans for your Saturday!  If it’s something as fun as cleaning… let me know in the comments – it might help me feel better about my chores for the day!


Woe is Me Wednesday (Or How to Begin to Declutter) – July 29 Edition


If you learn nothing else about me, learn this: I am come from a long line of highly experienced pack rats. What is a pack rat you ask?  A highly sentimental fool who can’t part with anything… so we store it for a rainy day… or until we die and our kids can deal with it, whichever comes first.

But it actually took my parents months to go through all my grandmothers belongings after she passed so I’m trying to be better and go through things now and eliminate the clutter. This is so much easier said than done, mind you.

So today I consulted my Pinterest Boards, it is my Bible of sorts, and figured while hubby and son go off to do the Boy Scout thing in a few days that maybe, just maybe, I could begin organizing my home so it can be cleaner and friendlier and well, not so cluttered.

My problem is I never know where to start.  And once I get started I become overwhelmed.

And it doesn’t help that home has little storage, I mean EVERYTHING is open.  Outside of the hutch in my dining room, I have open shelves on a bunch of shelves in the back of the dining room, a glass coffee table in the living room, an open, glass shelved entertainment console the tv is on with 2 different style bookshelves in the back of the room and an open desk as well.  1 12″ x 12″ drawer in the entire living room (and that’s in a little telephone table next to the recliner).

So this is my goal – I’m going to try to declutter this room in the next week.  Let’s see if I can make this spectacle become spectacular on my way to organizational bliss.

Anyone out there have tips for areas with no true storage?  Help me!!!!

Woo Hoo It’s Friday!

So today is Friday and I already know how the day will turn out for the most part.  Stuck at work from 9am-5:30 and then tonight as the final night of my stepdaughter staying with us we are headed to an evening watching the local AA baseball team play.  Should be a fun outing. The weather seems to be perfect which is unusual for my area as it’s really been a sucky weather summer (can you say rain?).

Yay for Pinterest – while the rest of the family was out swimming I discovered a huge stain from marker on my sectional.  The kids claimed they had no idea it was there but I really can’t understand how they could have missed it.  It was a HUGE red line.  As sensitive as my husband is in regard to the sofa and recliner, I was relieved I found it. But Pinterest didn’t let me down – and I wish I’d have been smart enough to take a “before” picture, but I’m so not with having a camera on my phone for such things.

Anyhow – it worked!!!!  So if you ever have marker or any big stain on your couch – give this a try, I’ll attach the link to the recipe and here is the photo that was used on Pinterest for it, it is Dawn, white vinegar, hot water and baking soda – stuff I actually had in the house!


Best Upholstery & Carpet Stain Remover

The stain is just about completely gone.  I may have to do it once more, with the shade of my sectional and the color the marker was when wet, as it went away it was difficult to see it.  But there is barely a spot there now… and if nothing more comes up I wouldn’t be that upset.  Unless you’re me and you knew it was there, the average person wouldn’t see it.

So there is my tip – I’ll let you know how it works on my stain filled carpet.  That’s an entirely different post though.

Well, work beckons… Happy Friday everyone!!!