Keep Calm

So obviously the “Keep Calm and…” phrase is everywhere.  A year and a half ago I went to Boston and found the cutest shirt for my daughter that was just the perfect shade of bubblegum pink and it said “Keep Calm & Have a Tea Party”, I couldn’t have asked for a better souvenir for my trip and she absolutely loves it – surprisingly enough she still wears it all the time.

But last night I came across some really cute “Keep Calm” memes and so I’m sharing a few with you – I’m also placing the website I found each on underneath so if you like and want to share – I’m crediting who I found these from so I can share the love.  🙂




Have you found any interesting ones that just made you stop and smile?  Share with me!

Happy 2017!


I am so looking forward to this new year.  I’m focusing on becoming a healthier me as I’ve gained a few more pounds and discovered with most foods I eat, I just feel plain lousy.  So this seems to be the day.  It’s a Sunday and the beginning of a new journey.

So as part of my journey of health – I’m going to be focusing on eating fruit and veggies every day and to try to eliminate processed foods from my diet.  As much as my taste buds love Cheez-It’s Classic Snack Mix – about an hour later I feel just icky.  I’m trying to follow the advice my body is giving me and maybe we’ll feel better.

I’m going to continue to focus on my family history.  My long lost family members I found here in the same town I grew up in I will be meeting with this new year to get stories about family.  So excited!

Contemplating a reading challenge. A few years back I read 60 books, contemplated 75, but sometimes that takes up so much time and energy.  We’ll see.  But I do want to read more.

And of course – trying to get myself (and by extension my husband) out of debt.  We can do this.  Our willpower just has to be so much better than it is.

Organization is another on-going goal for me.  But lately even I’ve been feeling claustrophobic from some of the stock piled junk.  January – look out!

My last goal is to blog once or twice a week.  I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts and finds with the world.

What are your goals for 2017 – share in the comments below!!!  Good luck!

A New Floor

This weekend my husband decided to install the dining room floor that we purchased easily 6-8 years ago.

If you haven’t guessed, hubby is a bit of a procrastinator.  10-1/2 years into our kitchen remodel – he is almost done.  I joke that I’ll be wanting to change the décor by the time it’s actually completed.  I laugh.  He doesn’t.

But this weekend he and his friend worked diligently and got the dining room floor finished.  It looks beautiful!

Here’s a shot from his iPad – a new floor and a new beginning!  Woo Hoo!


Happy Labor Day!

The 3-day weekend has gone super fast (a quote from my son).  I must admit, it has gone way too fast.  Back to the grind tomorrow, but I will do my best to enjoy today.


For close to a month I have been working on my genealogy.  Discovered that the library has a free Ancestry Library Edition that anyone can use – it beats paying what I know I would need a month, so the library will be my new home away from home, at least for an hour or so a week.  I also went to a class this past Saturday that gave me the lowdown on how to use a specific database, Heritage Quest.  It was interesting, but yet I know a lot of this information comes up using the website I am presently using, but it’s interesting how one has more information than another.  Ancestry instantly gave me the date of death for my great-great-grandmother who’d I’d been seeking out since I began my family tree journey (my version hadn’t, I’m using – it’s free).  I was so sad.  I guess I knew she was gone – but there was still a part of me that wondered if Mazie was out there somewhere… wanting to be found, even if she would have been around 140 years old.

Anyhow, if I’d checked my email before I left for my class at the main library on Saturday morning, I’d have known she had been found as the cemetery that my mom thought she was buried got back to me, sending me pdf’s of the receipt of her burial plot purchase (a whole $60 for her and her late husband that included perpetual care) along with where in the cemetery she could be found.  I told my mom that I was going to go and check her out some day and she wanted to go too.  Since hubby and I were out, I asked him to stop by the cemetery to see if they had a map listing where the sections were.  They didn’t but we noticed they had numbers at the corner of the sections – so I looked up the email and lo and behold – she was right by the main entrance and so we got out and I found her.  She is actually not far from a famous inhabitant of the cemetery – Dr. Bob Smith – one of the founders of AA – is just a section away (since I had worked at Stan Hywet for several years where the first meeting of Bill W. with Dr. Bob Smith took place with an introduction by Henrietta Seiberling, it was cool to drive by and see the resting place this man who started a movement that has helped so many).

With September 1 comes the Hiking Spree our area Metroparks has each year.  Hubby and I went to a trail we’d never gone to before to get hike #1 done.  Just 7 left to go.

Today we head over to his aunt’s at 1pm for a family get together to celebrate the holiday.  I hope all of you enjoy your day off (if you get one – I know when I was in college I use to work every holiday I could simply for the time-and-a-half).

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

Time Flies…

So last week school started for both my kids.  It’s a new school for my son who is a fifth grader – one year in a new school.  He seems to be happier (except for the lack of air conditioning in the school – it’s funny how I’d forgotten that detail over the last 30+ years since I went to the same elementary school).  When asked in a questionnaire what he would do with a million dollars – he politely said he’d donate it to the school for air conditioning.  When asked what he feared most – he claimed an entire school year without air conditioning.  Lucky for him Ohio is a 4-weather year, predominately cold and snowy (or so it feels)

Towards the end of my vacation from work I began working on my family tree.  Not sure how factual it is but when I added my grandmother, she was already in the system, and there is apparently a line of hers that is traced back to Switzerland 1132.  I’ll be double checking things as I go along – but it’s awfully fascinating seeing all of it.

Hubby found a job and began it last week.  Life will hopefully return to normal.

Trying to focus on fun things in life again and getting the house all organized and decluttered (don’t I know how to have a good time?).

Heading to the ballpark to see our local minor league team play tomorrow – it’s followed up with One Direction fireworks – hoping they play some Girl Almighty to go along with the beautiful display!

I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Belated 4th of July

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  Being the history geek that I am, I get a kick out of wishing my country a happy 240th birthday.  Not just because I’m patriotic. The Revolutionary War is my favorite war (I like to think it was a war that was worth fighting for).

This year I seemed to enjoy it even more.  When I went to Boston last fall with my friend to see One Direction, and I brought up making sure that we hit the historical spots during the day (I couldn’t go to Boston and not see these great spots) it put the Revolutionary War in an entirely different perspective.

I saw the places where our forefathers met in secret to plan how we were going to declare our independence from an unjust government.  You think taxes are bad now?  They taxed us colonies way more than they taxed those in Britain just because we were the colonists. They tried to go about it in more peaceful ways (dumping tea and the like) but the British didn’t get it and punished us further.

So the Revolutionary War began. And as the ultimate underdog the United States won.

So many people dislike history and hate that we have to learn it (this would be my husband and daughter…. I think my son may be getting into it more like me) but history can be exciting and something we can learn from in an attempt to not make the same mistake twice.

These are photos from my Boston trip and the spots where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the like met to plan so we can be free today.

To the nation I say Happy Birthday.  To my forefathers I say Thank you.

My Weekend Challenge

So with all the bad that has happened in our house this summer, I was really hoping something good would happen.


That is the best I can do with a sinister laugh in the blogosphere.

The Noise

Friday when I got home from work the air conditioning was making a horrendous noise (you just know something bad is coming don’t you?  Can’t you just feel that something horrible is going to happen?).  My hubby, who had been painting my parents kitchen and dining room was promptly texted “how much longer do you think you will be, the AC is making a horrible noise” (yes I really text that way, I just can’t type out in cutesy little words and such like most texters, I use complete sentences and try to be as accurate as possible with grammar and punctuation – yes, I deserve your eye roll).

He comes home, hears the noise and goes down to try to figure it all out.  After trying to electrocute himself (I believe it’s over 200 volts of power with an AC – I suddenly began hearing an “ow”, “ow” being repeated so I ran into the living room, turned off the AC and went downstairs to see what was wrong.  Yes, he’d somehow zapped himself.

The Diagnosis

It was determined on the back side of the furnace, the part we don’t really see because it’s on the side we wouldn’t see if we were looking at it, there was extra water leaking from one side as a drainage system wasn’t properly put in place.  The excess condensation would overflow, hitting the blower motor of the furnace (this would be the part that pushes all the cool air so it comes out our vents, the same piece that blows warm air out of the vents during the winter).  So he designed a contraption, made of pipe to connect to where the extra water was leaking from and made it flow to the drain.

We weren’t sure how well this was going to fix the noise and apparently some rust appeared to be building up on the motor, but hubby was optimistic.

My Reason of Worry

I became panicked simply because this weekend was to be a hot weekend.  Yesterday’s temps were in the upper 80’s.  Today the temps are to be in the 90’s.  Knowing this information on Friday, I was alarmed because in the past I had broken the air conditioner on a 95 degree day (not really one of my highest points in life).

Our neighbors have this horrible ivy that overtakes our yard every year (did you get that, EVERY YEAR) and I hate it.  It presently is wrapped around my plants and such and one such year hubby had left it wrap itself all around the air conditioner.  As he was working a job that required him to work most Sundays, I went out, fit to be tied and began yanking at the ivy.

Only I got more than I bargained for when I went outside and yanked around the air conditioner.  Apparently when yanking on one of the stems, I yanked on a wire as well and there went the air conditioner.

It was about 11:30am.  Hubby worked until 6pm.


I no longer touch the ivy.  Even though it is strangling my plants as I type this, I don’t touch the ivy.  I get all worked up and bad things happen.

I now yell at hubby and he messes with the ivy.

Mind you he can fix just about anything.  And he fixed the air conditioner within about 30 minutes of being home.  He is good like that.


So Saturday came, around 11:30am the air conditioner finally came on (with only being guaranteed the 1 income presently, coupled with me not handling life without AC as I don’t take the heat well at all, I have the temperature sent for 78 presently, it use to be around 75).

Occasionally we would hear a screech here and there from the unit, but compared to the day before it was nothing.  10 minutes of quiet, maybe 10 seconds of screech.  I was optimistic on future rounds of it running that all would be well… and so it kept going with very little noise…. and that’s how it was when we left to go do our final walk for the Spree for All.

It took some convincing by around 2:30 I finally got the kids out the door and we went and completed our final walk and received our pins.

Afterward we went to my parents house to see what the new and improved kitchen looked like.  Is it sad I still miss the old kitchen, and old kitchen has been gone for at least 16 years.  My mom loves it and it does look nice.  But some day when I get rich and famous, people will be mad that my childhood home looks nothing like what it did when I lived there and they will want the avocado green tile and maize colored stove and refrigerator, just you see.

The Hum

So when we got home I didn’t notice it right away but when it sounded like the air conditioner tried to come on, it was just this loud, horrible hum.

Hoping that it was simply a need for fresh batteries in the thermostat I rushed around the house searching for triple A batteries as I knew I had 2 packs somewhere.  Could I find them, heck no!

I finally found 2 but no luck.  The air conditioner was toast.

I sent a text to hubby who is umpiring a tournament all weekend and he found it around 6:30 as he got in his car to head home.

The motor froze up.  To quote an article I found online… “it has been seized”.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Here I Come to Save the Day

So we have this window air conditioner in our attic.  When I was an avid scrapper and took the time out of my busy life to scrapbook on Friday evenings (sadly, my mom’s friend ran this neat website, and when she closed it down, there went my scrapbooking too), in the summer months I used an AC unit up there to keep it cool.  Since I haven’t scrapped for a few years, and it’s not like we could really afford the extra expense of running this unit, it has stayed in one of the eaves of the attic, stored away for whenever it was needed.

Well, the window air conditioner is saving the day and is presently located in the living room so at least the main room of the house can be cool.


The basement is pretty cool as well, and there is this ancient looking air conditioning unit down there.  We never really use it except for days when I pull the wiring out of the fan that helps the AC run, or when the motor decides to become “seized”.

Sherbet Coolers

When I was a little girl, there was a football field between my house and a Friendly’s, and one of the things my friend Pam and I use to do when it got hot was head to Friendly’s and get one of their Orange Sherbet Coolers. Never was a drink so quenching and refreshing as this.

Since everything can be found on Pinterest, I did a search last night and low and behold I found a blog post that gave both an easy and authentic recipe to make this marvelous beverage. So today I shall go to the store and purchase the needed items (orange sherbet and orange soda for the easy recipe, soda water and vanilla syrup for the authentic recipe) and I’ll make both to see which I prefer.  I may have to make the vanilla syrup but I found a recipe on Pinterest that is a copycat for what Starbucks uses and looks really easy to make.  Here is the link to the Sherbet Cooler recipe, and I trust it as the author claims they worked at Friendly’s.  Works for me!!!!

The Blimp

On top of all this my son needed new shoes so when we went to get him a pair last night (his old ones purchased last August were apparently feeling tight) we were lucky enough to see one of the new blimps in the sky above the store.


The new ones aren’t the same.  They don’t make the whirly sound the old blimps did.  Very disappointing.  But they are majestic flying in the sky regardless.

I say this sounding like an old pro at blimps and it’s not that I’m super-knowledgeable about how they work, I just live in Akron, Ohio where the blimps are made.  For years we have always had at least 1 blimp docked here for whatever reason, I know last year they sent them all out to other places so we haven’t really seen one as often, but it made me happy to see one last night as it was the first time in almost a year that I saw one. It’s amazing how you can miss something when it’s no longer there.

Anyhow – that’s my weekend.  I hope your weekend is going much better than mine.  I’ll update you when our AC is once again working.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the place not far from our house where hubby purchased something for the furnace 10 years ago has the part we need.





It’s Saturday!

Today is hopefully going to be a good day.  I get to enjoy my 2-day weekend as next week I don’t get to enjoy such a luxury.  Next week is the biggest sale of the year for the company I work for – and my least favorite – it’s the Warehouse Sale – long hours standing on my feet and just massive chaos.

Can you tell how much I love it?

My boy child finished school this past week while girl child finished up the week before.  Very trying year.  For girl-child I was use to high honor roll or at least a report card filled with A’s and B’s, maybe a C in math and this year was the exact opposite. I know she is not me (she points this out daily) but I don’t recall having such a difficult time adjusting to middle school as she did.  Oh well, life will be better next year.

Boy child’s year was bad because well, he was a boy.  He took a book on the bus and was showing the other kids the pictures inside (it was a body book to discuss things with my daughter) he got an in-school suspension for that and then when the boy who’d bullied him for at least 3 years let loose telling him he is so ugly that no one wants to be his friend and that pretty soon he was going to be kicked out of Boy Scouts for being so ugly as well… Boy child had enough and hit him on the arm.  2-Day suspension for that… but sadly I couldn’t have been more proud, especially when I went to his awards program this past Wednesday and saw just how big the bully was… I give my son credit for standing up to him.  AND, the bully has not bothered my son again.

So today is the first Saturday that both kids are out of school.  I’m seizing the day and heading to our local zoo to check out the baby snow leopards that are officially out on display for an hour each day.  So excited, it’s always fun to see the babies.

But the zoo also has penguins!  This is always one of my children’s favorite sections of the zoo – and it kicks the whole experience off!  We are lucky to have a local zoo that is constantly expanding.  So educational – and it was so refreshing to hear some of the things they do to keep the natural instincts alive within the animals, like hiding their food so they still have to “hunt” for it.  And how as soon as any offspring is born for the one type, they whisk it away to a place in the Carolinas so they aren’t raised in the zoos but in a spot where they are more “in the wild” in an effort to get the natural species numbers up. I’d go out on a limb and say which species it is… but then I’d probably be wrong so we’ll just leave it anonymous for now.


Wishing you all a happy Saturday!  Like how my daughter put her hat on the center penguin above on our last visit to the zoo?  They crack me up! I hope to get a good shot of the baby snow leopards today – if I do I’ll share in the comments below.


Manic Monday

After the day I had I found it oddly satisfying that on my way home from Target it was the dulcit tones of the Bangles singing their big hit “Manic Monday”, rounding out my day.

Today I woke up feeling super tense in my shoulders. I actually wondered if it would have been a migraine if it weren’t for the super cool memory foam pillow my boss got me 2 weeks ago for my birthday. It is contoured for neck support and I can honestly say that in the two weeks I’ve been using it I’ve not awoke in the morning with a migraine. Which is awesome because my head hurts so awful when I wake up with the headaches, and no matter how many drugs I take, they don’t go away. Well, until 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon when they (the headaches) just magically go away.

Anyhow… my daughter woke up stuffy and with a horrible sore throat. She sucked it up and went to school (not a shocker, she has had perfect attendance more years than she hasn’t since starting kindergarten).

Then my son didn’t want to go to school as after hubby had an altercation with the principal last Thursday (that’s a post all its own), boy child feared the principal was going to come after him. Luckily it seems they are keeping my son out of this.

Hubby was asked to resign as president of the PTA due to above altercation, so I got that text around 3:30 today. Sadly he is more bummed than I am about this. As much as I have loved my kids elementary school, this past year has not left me with a feeling of happiness. Just a hope I can get boy child open enrolled in another district next month.

So now everyone is home. Boy child is playing Legend of Zelda on the Wii, girl child is playing Sims3 on my laptop and I am typing this, content that I found cold medicines that will make my baby girl feel better. I hate to see her under the weather (as it rarely happens).

So that was my manic Monday, how was yours?

I Survived

Yesterday we had my girl-child’s family birthday party.  It was her a set of paternal great-grandparents, her grandmother on her paternal side, plus an uncle, my parents, and friends of ours that we met through our children as their oldest boy is in girl-child’s grade, and their daughter is in boy-child’s grade.  Isn’t that nice?

My day yesterday was spent cleaning… though things were somewhat at a stand-still as my children both slept in until after 10am.  When you need to run a vacuum and such, this is a HUGE bummer.  Not that I could, hubby is president of the PTA and so we had stuff all over the living room in piles awaiting his return from a meeting that began at 8am that needed picked up.

I honestly thought hubby was going to assist me with me with whole de-cluttering process… but I was mistaken.  He returned home from his meeting at 2:55pm.  Yes folks, almost a 7-hour meeting.  One I thought was going to be an hour.  Possibly 2 tops.  I’m so lucky.

But somehow I managed to go get the needed items for dinner, food and such (she wanted a taco bar – we had hard shells, soft shells, taco rice, corn cake, salsa, Doritos, salad fixings, tortilla chips and con queso sauce… I felt I had it all covered.

Came home from the store, focused on the dining room, got it cleaned, tablecloth on and arranged the dishes how I wanted the food and drinks to be set up.  I then moved all the heavy PTA stuff to the basement and was able to dust so when hubby did get home he was able to vacuum while I showered and made myself pretty.

Somehow we pulled it all off, topped off with a tie dye ice cream cake… she enjoyed her day and being the center of attention… and I survived.

I often wonder, is all this trouble worth it?

And hubby, who got out of all the cleaning…. I delegated cleaning up to him.  I felt it was only fair.

Now the real trick… keeping the living room as clean as it is at this moment, so I don’t have to go crazy and get all sweaty cleaning these spaces when we have people over.  Hmmmm…. such a wacky idea, keeping the living spaces clean.