What is May Day?

While perusing the internet earlier today, I saw a headline about May Day.  I’ll admit, I didn’t click on it, but as I sat down realizing it had been a couple of months since I’d blogged (I know, bad me) I realized what a way to start things up again by learning something new.  So here goes.

The Definition

According to Google, May Day is “May 1, celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day celebrating workers”.


Where you live, did you have any festivals?  As a person living in a somewhat urban society, we seldom have festivals in the middle of the week. Tuesday’s just aren’t a happening day of the week.

As for an international day celebrating workers?  Well, last week was administrative professional’s day and not 1 of my 3 bosses acknowledged that day.  Almost makes me want to poor on bosses day extra thick this year, to make them feel bad for completely neglecting me and my cohorts.

It’s Still May 1st

And I’m psyched.  Hopefully this finally means that spring is here where I live in Northeast Ohio (it has decided to stay cold for way too long).  With Spring comes the MetroParks “Spree For All” which I was unable to accomplish last year due to my plantar’s fasciitis.  I am going to get it done this year.

In late March my family went to Washington DC for our Spring Break.  We were hoping to see the cherry blossoms but we were there 1.5 weeks too early.  But as luck would have it, we have cherry blossoms here and they are presently in bloom!  Tonight my daughter and I went and checked out part of the canal areas downtown where they are planted and we hope to see more tomorrow closer to the minor league ballpark located in the heart of the city. I was happy to walk for what felt like a mile, but I really don’t have any idea.  The entire way to downtown was uphill – a 5% incline and I felt it.  Obviously going back was smooth sailing as it was all downhill.

Realized how out of shape I am – have to do better!  I’m going to kiss my extra weight goodbye, even if it kills me.

It won’t really kill me, right?


This incredible photo I found at Born to Workout


That Moment When You Know It’s Time

So it happened a few weeks ago, I was walking up the big staircase at work (my work area is on the 2nd floor and there is no elevator) and it happened.  It was that motivation I needed to begin working out and losing weight.  I can honestly say I had that almost 7 years ago when I was able to lose 35 pounds but even trying to repeat that moment wasn’t enough to encourage me to lose weight.

I was walking up the steps and I could feel the bulge of my stomach down between my thighs on this particular day and that was it, I was done, I knew my journey of health was finally going to happen once again.

That was a little over 2 weeks ago.  I haven’t lost tons of pounds. I’ve lost 3.  But it’s better than gaining and I’ve been plagued with a ton of migraines so jumping around in the evening and provoking more headaches hasn’t exactly been on my list of things I want to do. But I have exercised and I’ve done well in staying within my calorie range.  I’m sure I can do better, but sometimes it’s easier to start off slow and work your way up to bigger milestones.

It’s all about believing in myself.  I’ve not stopped eating anything in particular, just tracking my food and trying to exercise when I am able.  I’ve done the 20 minute Zumba basic exercise and some Leslie Sansone “Walk It Off in 30 Days”.


Photo above from www.startdominating.com

I truly believe that weight loss is 99% mental and 1% physical.  It’s all about re-training yourself to eat better so you can feel better.  It doesn’t happen overnight and there are moments when you truly have to talk yourself into not indulging on your vices.

If you want to follow me on my weight loss journey I’m BeckyS222 on Sparkpeople, I would love to connect!

It’s Really Time for a Change

When you look up the definition of the word “health”, Google claims it is the state of being free from illness or injury, a person’s mental or physical condition.

It’s funny how when one thinks of weight loss, we often state we are getting healthy. I suppose, in reality, we have given being overweight a stigma of being unwell.  Which is sad as there are many people who are most likely both healthy and obese (you really can be both).

Sadly, I don’t think I am one of those people.  At least not at the moment.

For the past several weeks my foot has ailed me.  Now let me start out saying I have the world’s worse feet (I use to think ugliest too, but then I googled what a particular foot problem looked like, and realized my feet really aren’t that bad – or at least they could be a lot worse).  Anyhow, I digress, I have what I think might be plantar’s fasciitis.  I’m down to just heel pain again (for a bit I had my arch hurting, my ankles hurting – you see I sprained both ankles about 10 years ago and it takes very little for them to flare up at times – and one of the reasons that I think this could have happened is because of my weight.

I’m over 200 pounds and I need to lose weight.  Sadly, having ailing feet doesn’t help me at all with the whole “I need to lose weight” part of my life.  Not that I have actually been overwhelmingly motivated to do anything.

Tomorrow I am going to begin working on being a healthier me.  I have to do something because I’m tired of feeling like utter crap all the time.  I can’t help but think I know if I ate better and exercised more and lose some of this excess weight that I would truly feel better.

It’s all about finding the will power.

How do you find the strength to make it through the day?

Here is my before picture – not exactly a full blown here is me in all my glory picture – but it’s better than nothing – especially when I’m already ready for bed.  I’ll do a full-length picture tomorrow when I give my first update.


#babysteps  #icandothis  #willpower


Being Strong

I am really trying to be good.  I survived my worst part of the day – going home for lunch.  You see, going home has me by myself, all alone, with just my dog.  And every sort of munchie food we have in the house seems to call my name.

“Becky!  Becky!” they cry.

And not wanting to let the potato chips, the Doritos, or whatever junk food I have lying around to be disappointed, I oblige and feast.

But today I was strong.  Today I ate my leftover fish and my spinach salad and dressing and glass of milk.  Today I was good.  Today I managed to stay motivated.

Yay me!

And what is doubling enticing on a day like today is I woke up with a massive headache and it’s even easier on those days to talk myself into a trip to the Circle K and get a Polar Pop.

But I stayed strong.

I started an Atkins-type diet yesterday.  My doctor a year or so ago suggested I stay away from all my favorite foods – you know the ones – starchy carbohydrates.  Potatoes, corn, rice, etc.

So yesterday I did that.  I went to the store and stocked up on some veggies that I do like (they are few but I’m trying). I still had 11 Doritos with last nights taco salad for dinner.  But that’s it.  I came in just 3 grams shy of my minimum carbohydrate intake that has been assigned to me by Sparkpeople.

Tonight I plan on having some rice with dinner.  Nothing major but having a little bit is better than eating them all day long as I would normally do.

What do you do to stay strong?

* Just wanted to mention where I found my motivational clips today.  The first one (green) was from Standout Health and the latter is from HealthyPlace.com

A Little Monday Motivation

Everyone needs motivation in their life – I know I do – and Mondays are always great days to get a little extra motivation – because Mondays make great days to begin things.

I know a few weeks ago I seriously began working at losing weight.  Or so I thought until I stepped on the scale this morning and I gained .6 lbs instead of losing.  I’ve done the talk to myself that muscle weighs more than fat – but I know another part of it could be that I just didn’t track and watch my food as carefully as I should have.

I actually was doing rather well until Friday at lunch.  And then I decided to have a Dr. Pepper and it was a place where they have a bottomless drink – and so I ended up have probably 2.5 glasses of soda.  Then for dinner my hubby (without asking) orders me a large Cherry Fanta from Wendy’s with my fish sandwich (no fries – see I really was trying to be good), and then we went to a Hockey Game and I shared another Pepsi with him.

It was just never-ending soda from 1pm on.

And that is probably the REAL story of why I didn’t lose weight.  My sister had a surprise birthday party for her significant other on Saturday and I’m guessing that didn’t help either. A can of Pepsi, cheese balls, crackers, pasta salad, meatballs, fish shaped cut out cookies.  On top of that I had bagel and cream cheese.  Twice.  It was so good I had it for lunch and breakfast.  Oh, and Lucky Charms too.

So you see, I am to blame.  I should be jumping up and down that I only gained .6.  But to keep me going through the week I love to scroll through Pinterest and just read the words of motivation.  They really help to keep me on track.  So I’m going to share some of my words of wisdom that I find with you!

From Popsugar.com:

From freeandfit.me:

From Elite Daily:

Hopefully these are enough to keep us going for a few days.  Life is hard, we just have to learn to be tougher.  Wishing you your best week yet!

If you have a motivational quote that you find really works for you – share in the comments!

The Best Ever Quote

Best Project Ever

While seeking out motivational quotes on Pinterest tonight, this quote stood out to me like lightning bolts from the sky.  How can you not like it?  It is just the best quote ever!

I mean EVER!

As with most of the world, I began 2017 with a goal of losing weight.  Yes, it’s a topic I’ve touched on (I think groaned on is a better way of describing it) from time to time.  I am overweight, and I really need to do something about it.  But I think one of my biggest issues is that I attempt to lose weight for all the wrong reasons.  I think it’s to be healthier, and I truly wish to feel better, but it’s also so I can look as good as one of my friends who lost like 60 pounds a couple of years ago and looks phenomenal.

But that carrot isn’t enough of an enticement to have me stick to exercising each day (could it be because I dislike carrots – and most everything else that is orange?). Another problem is I start off eating okay – but then I succumb to temptation with hardly any fight.  It’s like I am waving the white flag before the said temptation even makes any demands.

So I keep trying to find motivation.

One way was by re-installing my tracker that my mom bought me a couple of years ago from Sparkpeople.  I love my Sparkpeople tracker – but while in the midst of re-loading it onto my computer, it turned out that the company that created the sync-er was going out of business so their tracker wasn’t going to work anymore (okay – sidebar – I am still wrapping my head around this – for all the time I used my tracker – it synced fine – but why if the business decided to go under does it mean that my tracker is no longer going to work?  I just don’t get it.  Wouldn’t my sync-er still sync?).  What was worse was that even though the last day for my tracker to work was February 21 – it wouldn’t let me complete the re-installation of my tracker.  Nothing.

So I signed up to get the $10 gift card they offered to those with Sparkpeople trackers so they could purchase a new one.  I had to wait until February 13 – and when I got it I purchased a new tracker right away.  Cost me all the way to $8 additional dollars (including shipping) because I had seen this one when I was checking out the store on My Fitness Pal – and they had a Jawbone UP Move.  It is very simple to use.  It tracks my steps and my sleep.  No flights of steps like my mothers FitBit, just steps (which is what my Sparkpeople did – however it was waterproof too – which worked great for the Water Fitness classes I loved to take at our local Natatorium, but we aren’t members presently so I guess I’m not missing out on anything).

My goal is 6,500 steps a day.  I think I’ve done it twice in the almost month I’ve had the device.  Having an office job is a struggle at times as it’s difficult remembering to get up and walk around at least every hour on the hour (if not more frequently).  I do what I can – but I can honestly say that makes a huge difference.

I’m trying to exercise more regularly too.  I started doing Leslie Sansone’s Walk It Off In 30 Days DVD where you Walk 30 (30 minutes of cardio exercise of walking) and Firm 30 (30 minutes of strength training).  Last week the pain got me good.  But I slacked off by the weekend.  This week I’m determined to last – and so I began my 30 days this past Monday.  I will do it!

But it all starts with a beginning.  It is all a series of baby steps.  It’s all about making good choices.  And today my choice is simple:  The best project I’ll ever work on is me (well, and my kids too).

Let’s motivate each other one day at a time!


Happy 2017!


I am so looking forward to this new year.  I’m focusing on becoming a healthier me as I’ve gained a few more pounds and discovered with most foods I eat, I just feel plain lousy.  So this seems to be the day.  It’s a Sunday and the beginning of a new journey.

So as part of my journey of health – I’m going to be focusing on eating fruit and veggies every day and to try to eliminate processed foods from my diet.  As much as my taste buds love Cheez-It’s Classic Snack Mix – about an hour later I feel just icky.  I’m trying to follow the advice my body is giving me and maybe we’ll feel better.

I’m going to continue to focus on my family history.  My long lost family members I found here in the same town I grew up in I will be meeting with this new year to get stories about family.  So excited!

Contemplating a reading challenge. A few years back I read 60 books, contemplated 75, but sometimes that takes up so much time and energy.  We’ll see.  But I do want to read more.

And of course – trying to get myself (and by extension my husband) out of debt.  We can do this.  Our willpower just has to be so much better than it is.

Organization is another on-going goal for me.  But lately even I’ve been feeling claustrophobic from some of the stock piled junk.  January – look out!

My last goal is to blog once or twice a week.  I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts and finds with the world.

What are your goals for 2017 – share in the comments below!!!  Good luck!

Everything Starts with a Day 1


Today begins my 100 days of exercise.  My scale keeps going in the opposite direction and in order to lose the weight I need to lose and to feel better. But this morning I was 1 tiny pound from a big number… and I refuse to hit that number (again).

So I need to find healthier breakfasts so I can start the day off right.  I had a Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken for lunch and then hubby made homemade chicken nuggets for dinner with a side of canned peas.

I did a 10 minutes of a DVD I won from Sparkpeople… I did the Walk It Out workout and on a day when I drove home and the temperature was 95 degrees, it was plenty to get me going.

Baby steps… but I am going to build on this each day.

If you want to follow along with me on Sparkpeople.com my username is BeckyS222.  Here is to our healthy progress!

Finding My Motivation


So a month or more ago I made a huge declaration to the world.  I shared my weight and how I was going to transform myself.


Then my husband lost his job and all my optimism went out the door.

Trouble is I have since found out my sister is considering bariatric surgery.  It’s odd how this makes me feel.  I honestly hope she is able to do what it takes to follow the plan one needs to follow when they undergo this surgery (my one friend had the surgery years ago and she didn’t follow through in the long run and she is essentially back to the weight she was at when she began it all).

My sister has never been one to stick to any kind of diet, eating program or whatever the current politically correct statement for eating right is today.  She presently weighs  probably somewhere between 275 and 300 pounds and has been that way for a really long time.

The sad part is growing up my sister only ever really had 2 goals – to get married (which she has done twice) and have kids (which she doesn’t have any).  Doctors told her in her late thirties if she wanted to have children she needed to lose weight.  But she still wasn’t able to follow through on any sort of plan to do this.

She blames her many health problems (primarily all weight related – PCOS, Diabetes)  as why she can’t lose weight.  But at the same time if she did follow through and start losing weight, some of these problems could very well be eliminated (I do know that I am more than likely over-simplifying this, weight loss has been an ongoing ordeal for my sister since she was in elementary and junior high school.  My mom would have her do all sorts of exercise only to then find packages of Oreos hidden in the top drawer of her dresser).

So now she is going to have surgery to correct her weight loss problems.  I think it’s great.  And if she can follow through on what she needs to do, I support her 100%.

But for me there is a bigger problem.  I need to lose weight.  Yes, you out there and myself know I weigh more than I should.  But I’ve never weighed more than my sister so if she does this, I HAVE to lose weight.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am extremely competitive with my sister.  I really don’t know why it’s just how it has always been.  As the little sister I always looked up to her.  She was already in school when I was born as we are 5 years apart.  So as she began learning things I wanted to do them too.  Only she didn’t view it as “look she wants to be like me” she turned it into an “oh gosh she is smarter than me” and well, I just went along for the ride.

She never realized that she had her own strengths, she was the original writer in the family and that was her place in the world.  We both fared the same in Math (we were “okay”) but my world was history and it was not her subject at all.

Not long ago she made a comment to me that from an early age I was determined to be smarter than her and that’s exactly what I did.  My sister got good grades, I just wanted to be better, I started doing this at 5 – I really don’t see how it was so deceptive of me – but apparently it was (really, I don’t think it was).  And so the competition began.

But as a person who needs a reason to lose weight – I may have found the motivation I need (besides the “I need to lose weight to be a healthier me because I don’t want to get diabetes”.  Yes, I know I need to lose weight to be a healthier me, but face it, it’s not the kind of motivation that is going to make me get up and exercise on a daily basis if I don’t feel like doing it). But the possibility of my sister weighing less than me… that is some strong motivation.

So go ahead, tell me I am slime for using this to better myself.  Part of me knows I am a horrible human being to do this, but if it makes me a healthier person, is it really that bad?

I lost 35 pounds 5 years ago because I thought I was going to see my ex-boyfriend from high school at my 20th reunion.  He didn’t go but at least I had the satisfaction of knowing I looked good if he would have shown up.

Let me know your thoughts… and by all means, be honest if you think I’m am the slime on the back of a slug on the log in the bottom of the sea.

Wednesday = Accountability


So today I’m taking a huge leap… I’m confessing my weight to the world.  I’m going to state the digit out there for all the world to know (gulp!) and try (BIG try) to lose weight and share what works and what doesn’t with all of you.

Now I am fortunate that my hubby’s work allows us to join a gym… but with his umpiring as a second job to pay for said truck that has overextended us (see this past Monday’s post) it doesn’t give me a lot of time to go and work out (the children need someone home still).  So when I begin exercising, it will be a combination of stuff I can do at home along with classes I can join along with there.

So here it is… the big number… which is big, but I know it could be worse.  I weigh, according to the scale in my bathroom…. 195.6 pounds.  Wow, look at that… I’m still standing.  The world hasn’t come crashing down around me.

Then again, I haven’t hit the magic “Publish” button yet either.

Last night I was able to get the last of the ice cream out of my house and today I went ahead and allowed myself my final Dr. Pepper Polar Pop (purchased with quarters found around the house).  Tomorrow I will do better…. a return to eggs, oatmeal, and some other kind of nutritious breakfast I need to find to give me variety.

Is there anything good you like to eat for breakfast when you are trying to lose weight?  What about lunch – I’m always up for new ideas and would appreciate anything you can share.

And hopefully blogging every day as I try to do this won’t freak anyone out… maybe if I report EVERYTHING I do I won’t be as horrible at falling off the wagon.  So along with the above weight – here are my measurements:

  • Arms – 13″
  • Hips – 44″
  • Thighs – 27-3/4″
  • Waist – 39-1/2″

The last one always hurts – I never had a tummy until I had my kids.  Have always been a hip and thigh girl though – just like my Grandma!

I will also keep accountable at Sparkpeople.com – if you use the website, let me know in the comments below – we can friend each other and cheer ourselves towards our goals!

Don’t forget – if you have any nutritious breakfast or lunch ideas that pass picky people’s taste testing – let me know!  I get bored very easy (which is why I have Dr. Pepper and Chex Mix for breakfast so often).

I can do this!!!!!

My before picture:


I found the following quote in a search – and I know it’s the ultimate taboo to use other people’s art – but I like the butterflies and I always try to credit and link what I borrow from others (so maybe I won’t get in as much trouble).  So here is this quote – I thought it was perfect for myself today, it’s from the website Great Minds Think Fit:


Hopefully today is the first of many lucky days!