Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8


So I fell behind last week on Day 3 as my daughter was using my computer for her homework.  Day 4 had me up in the attic scrapbooking, my first time in over a year.  Day 5 had me hiking all day with the family – 3 hikes actually, 2 new for hubby and I, 1 repeat for the kids to catch up; followed by a surprise birthday for my husband’s grandfather.  Day 6 had us hiking another new hike while we then had dinner at my parents house for my sisters birthday. Day 7 I was in the midst of a migraine that began at 10:30am and didn’t leave until around noon today.

So I guess you could say I have some catching up to do.

So for Day 3 – I am grateful for technology which allowed my sweet girl the opportunity to do research and complete notes for her class by turning on a computer and heading to her teacher’s website.  This same technology is what gives me the opportunity to write this blog.  Technology changes the way we live each and every day – often for the better, sometimes not so much.

Day 4 – I’m grateful for friendship and the choices my children have made in finding a wonderful set of people to be friends with this year.  My son has always yearned to have good buddy and this year, starting a new school, changed his world.  My daughter, who just loves to be liked, seems to have overcome some obstacles and found good, solid girls who she can confide in.

Day 5 – the Summit County Metro Parks and the awesome trails we have here and their incredible hiking spree that is in it’s 52nd year.  This is my fifth year in completing the hiking spree.  I say 5th as I only have 1 hike left that I have to do and I know I will get it done before November 30.  Each year to get a shield for the hiking spree you have to hike 8 different trails.  I love to hike – it’s my favorite way to exercise and this past weekend you couldn’t have asked for better weather – sunny and 65 – perfect!

Day 6 – Thankful for my kids not being too big to give me tons of cuddles!

Day 7 – Thankful that there was only one day left to watch really awful election commercials and that hopefully the mudslinging will all disappear within 2 days.

Day 8 – Grateful for the right to vote.  So many countries do not have this freedom, and though this year didn’t give me a candidate that I felt very passionate about – I went out and exercised my right to vote in this all-important year.

What are you grateful for?  Hopefully I’ll have another update tomorrow!


Day 2 – 30 Days of Gratitude


For Day 2 of my 30 Days of Gratitude I’m thankful for all my ancestors before me.  As a person who has begun seriously working on my Family Tree in August while I was on vacation, I have found it interesting finding the interesting tidbits of information I didn’t know.  Like having relatives right where I live that I never knew existed (I really need to contact them too).

But in learning about people – such as how my Great Grandmother was married 3 times in 6 years (just so you know, she was married to her third husband until he passed in the 1970’s), but while searching for the information on where my Great Grandmother lived while married and single, I saw that she lived with her own mother most of the time.  While doing this I am assigning demeanors to my ancestors, finding that my Great Great Grandmother Mazie must have been compassionate, because she took in her daughter and her daughter (my grandmother) despite the failed marriages, and my Great Grandmother and her final husband lived with Mazie and her 2nd Husband, Samuel, the first year of their marriage.

On the flip side, I hear stories of my Grandfather, from snippets I remember my Grandmother told me, and now stories that my dad has told me, and I realize how what some have described as “stubborn” now has me realizing that I just don’t think he was a very nice man.  I hear that he loved me to pieces and whenever he came over it wasn’t long before he found a way to sneak into my room and wake me up as he couldn’t wait to see me, but there’s a line between being stubborn and being kind – and I just think he wasn’t kind.  Getting into a snit with your sister and never even seeing her before she passed away from cancer in my world is a horrible thing.

So I’m grateful for my ancestors – and if I’m right, I want to be a little more like Mazie and a little less Leroy (sadly, my own temperament has been compared to his in the past – where this once made me proud, now I’m not so sure).

I’m also grateful to the libraries and the many ways available to allow a girl from Northeast Ohio to be able to dig into her Family Tree as years ago information I find in a matter of minutes could have taken me weeks to obtain back in the day.  How others did it I have no idea – as I know I’m not always the most patient of people.

So today I’m happy for the past – as I wouldn’t be here otherwise – what are you grateful for?



Day 1 – 30 Days of Gratitude


So today is November 1st.  Where has the year gone?  It seems like it just flew by and before we know it 2017 will be underway.

I am going to attempt to do 30 Days of Gratitude again this year.  Last year I started and then quickly faded.  But not this year.  This year I am going to aim for all 30 days, or at least until Thanksgiving – I guess it all depends on how badly I am struggling for things to be thankful for by the big holiday.

So today is day 1 – and I’m going to start off with one that I hardly ever do – I am thankful for me. I often forget that I can be grateful for myself.  Without me I’d have no kids, I’d have no home.  Without me I’d have nothing to be grateful for – so I’m starting with myself first.


I’m grateful I can be a little on the paranoid side from time to time making all those around me feel a little crazy too.  I’m grateful that I have the ability to be a good cook (thanks to Miss Neal, my mother, my grandmother, and the knack of picking interesting recipes on Pinterest).  I’m grateful for my constant battle of trying to live a happier, more complete life – where I am trying to see the glass as half full as opposed to half empty. And I’m grateful for my constant attempt at trying to lose weight – despite my constant failure.

I guess I’m grateful that despite not being a perfect individual I know I’m a work in progress.  Constantly trying to improve in areas that need it and knowing that if I don’t I’ll be okay.

So day 1 is in the books – let’s see what I’ll be grateful for tomorrow.  What are you grateful for?

A New Floor

This weekend my husband decided to install the dining room floor that we purchased easily 6-8 years ago.

If you haven’t guessed, hubby is a bit of a procrastinator.  10-1/2 years into our kitchen remodel – he is almost done.  I joke that I’ll be wanting to change the décor by the time it’s actually completed.  I laugh.  He doesn’t.

But this weekend he and his friend worked diligently and got the dining room floor finished.  It looks beautiful!

Here’s a shot from his iPad – a new floor and a new beginning!  Woo Hoo!


Getting Crafty

Evening Peeps!

The temperatures here in Northeast Ohio are finally getting cooler and it has given me the opportunity to start picking up in my attic a bit so I can once again scrapbook.  I began this hobby a handful of years ago when I went to a crop at my Aunt Barb’s house.  I had never done any sort of scrapbooking before but I went to her house with a kit my mother had purchased for me a few years before, and there my creativity sprung to life and I was hooked.

Until about 2 years ago when life seemed to take over and I just stopped.  Sadly it also coincided with when my mother purchased herself a spiffier Silhouette cutting tool and gave me her old one.  This was bad.  My mother has been unhappy that I haven’t jumped at the chance to use the machine.  The few times I have tried it’s been a disaster. But as with everything else in life, I have a Pinterest board I’ve started that will hopefully teach me the basics and allow me to use the Silhouette along with my other scrapbooking tools.

I’m still quite interested in working on my Family Tree.  Here I discovered I had relatives living right here in town that I had never ever met.  When I discovered this last week I couldn’t wait to get to my parents house the next morning (I take the kids over there in the morning and hang out until it’s time to take my son to school) and tell my dad that I had found his cousin.  I was like bursting.

And then he shocked me.  “Yes, I knew Viola lived here.  I bumped into her when I was doing an inspection in the mid-90’s, she was an executive secretary.”

Really?  The only relatives I knew of on my dad’s side of the family were in Johnstown, PA and Flagstaff, AZ.  He went on to clear up some of the mystery surrounding his Aunt.  Like my Great-Great Grandmother Mazie on my mother’s side of the family, my dad’s Aunt Genevieve seemed to elude me on his side.  I saw where she got married just day’s before my Great-Grandfather passed away (he worked in the mines and he was crushed), moved to Akron, had 2 girls, her first husband passed, I knew from her mother’s obituary she had re-married, and that she lived in Akron until her death in 1964 at the age of 54.  But I couldn’t find why she died so young.

When I discovered her daughter living so near, I was ecstatic thinking they could supply these answers.  And maybe they will supply photos so I can find out what Genevieve looked like (so curious as my Grandmother always spoke so fondly of her).  But here she passed from cancer. I am fairly certain my dad didn’t know what type of cancer, just that she had gotten sick a few months after she fell out of favor with my Grandfather, and he was very stubborn and he refused to speak to her.  They were close in age (she was born in 1910, he in 1911) and he apparently never went and saw her while she was sick.  My dad, who was in the Navy, took my Grandma to see her when he was on leave, and that was the last time my Grandma had the opportunity to see Genevieve.

As excited as I get learning about my distant family, it’s amazing how happy I am one minute about a find and how sad I can be the next when I find out more background information.

Tomorrow I’m taking a class at the library about the basics of working on a Family Tree, just in case there is some major thing I should be doing that I’m not.  Then my husband is planning on spending the afternoon at his Aunt’s and I may take my time and utilize some of the software that the library offers free of charge.  One is Ancestry Library Edition – as long as you are in the library it’s free to use.  I love it as it gets me what I need without having to spend a monthly fee!  And it’s nice for me as our local library is just about 9 blocks away so I drive down after dinner and try to find the information I need as Ancestry has access to some of the information that it’s a little vaguer when using the free  I like using it though, as my cousin who does live in Flagstaff is a member of the Latter Day Saints so I hope that eventually I’ll find more information because she has worked on the family tree in the past herself!

So I will try to be a better blogger.  I often have thought about what I wanted to write – but then my children get on my computer and by the time they go to bed, I head their myself shortly afterwards because I’m so exhausted from waking up every day at 5:30 in the morning.

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening!


Happy Labor Day!

The 3-day weekend has gone super fast (a quote from my son).  I must admit, it has gone way too fast.  Back to the grind tomorrow, but I will do my best to enjoy today.


For close to a month I have been working on my genealogy.  Discovered that the library has a free Ancestry Library Edition that anyone can use – it beats paying what I know I would need a month, so the library will be my new home away from home, at least for an hour or so a week.  I also went to a class this past Saturday that gave me the lowdown on how to use a specific database, Heritage Quest.  It was interesting, but yet I know a lot of this information comes up using the website I am presently using, but it’s interesting how one has more information than another.  Ancestry instantly gave me the date of death for my great-great-grandmother who’d I’d been seeking out since I began my family tree journey (my version hadn’t, I’m using – it’s free).  I was so sad.  I guess I knew she was gone – but there was still a part of me that wondered if Mazie was out there somewhere… wanting to be found, even if she would have been around 140 years old.

Anyhow, if I’d checked my email before I left for my class at the main library on Saturday morning, I’d have known she had been found as the cemetery that my mom thought she was buried got back to me, sending me pdf’s of the receipt of her burial plot purchase (a whole $60 for her and her late husband that included perpetual care) along with where in the cemetery she could be found.  I told my mom that I was going to go and check her out some day and she wanted to go too.  Since hubby and I were out, I asked him to stop by the cemetery to see if they had a map listing where the sections were.  They didn’t but we noticed they had numbers at the corner of the sections – so I looked up the email and lo and behold – she was right by the main entrance and so we got out and I found her.  She is actually not far from a famous inhabitant of the cemetery – Dr. Bob Smith – one of the founders of AA – is just a section away (since I had worked at Stan Hywet for several years where the first meeting of Bill W. with Dr. Bob Smith took place with an introduction by Henrietta Seiberling, it was cool to drive by and see the resting place this man who started a movement that has helped so many).

With September 1 comes the Hiking Spree our area Metroparks has each year.  Hubby and I went to a trail we’d never gone to before to get hike #1 done.  Just 7 left to go.

Today we head over to his aunt’s at 1pm for a family get together to celebrate the holiday.  I hope all of you enjoy your day off (if you get one – I know when I was in college I use to work every holiday I could simply for the time-and-a-half).

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

Time Flies…

So last week school started for both my kids.  It’s a new school for my son who is a fifth grader – one year in a new school.  He seems to be happier (except for the lack of air conditioning in the school – it’s funny how I’d forgotten that detail over the last 30+ years since I went to the same elementary school).  When asked in a questionnaire what he would do with a million dollars – he politely said he’d donate it to the school for air conditioning.  When asked what he feared most – he claimed an entire school year without air conditioning.  Lucky for him Ohio is a 4-weather year, predominately cold and snowy (or so it feels)

Towards the end of my vacation from work I began working on my family tree.  Not sure how factual it is but when I added my grandmother, she was already in the system, and there is apparently a line of hers that is traced back to Switzerland 1132.  I’ll be double checking things as I go along – but it’s awfully fascinating seeing all of it.

Hubby found a job and began it last week.  Life will hopefully return to normal.

Trying to focus on fun things in life again and getting the house all organized and decluttered (don’t I know how to have a good time?).

Heading to the ballpark to see our local minor league team play tomorrow – it’s followed up with One Direction fireworks – hoping they play some Girl Almighty to go along with the beautiful display!

I’ll keep you posted!

We Finally Went to the Zoo!

Today was a big deal for me – ever since early June I’ve wanted to head to the Akron Zoo and see the baby snow leopards that were born in early March.  Time and time again on the weekends I’d wanted to go but for some odd reason the kids ended up not wanting to go and me, not wanted to deal with miserable kids, opted to just stay home.

I’ve learned to pick my battles.

But today I didn’t care.  Today I had hubby on my side and together we faced the children and made them go.

It helped that girl child opted to get excited about taking her camera and taking her own pictures.  My boy child was his usual, stubborn self who felt no need to go.

In the end, we had a great time. Since we’d gone in May we didn’t do the entire zoo, we did the first half as hubby had an appointment at 2:30 and it was 85 degrees with high humidity and no one really felt like walking up the big hill to get to the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!).

Here are the babies – there are 2 boys and 1 girl snow leopard.  I’m not sure which 2 were out for us to actual see… but they are cute!  The one up close to the window quite enjoyed following my husband’s hand through the glass.  He swirled it around and the paw of the leopard just followed it.  I told him he’d probably have had a friend for life.

Also included are pictures of a python and jaguar.  Last is the quote from the Kimodo Kingdom – it houses the kimodo dragons, cafeteria and coral reef exhibit at the moment – and my daughter wanted a picture and it’s a great quote by Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Mindset Monday – How to Feel Good About Yourself

I Am

Do you have trouble with confidence?  I do.  My biggest problem is “tooting my own horn”.  I am not exactly sure why I do this.  But for some reason, I have never been one to go out on a limb to think the best of myself.

In order to better achieve this, I found this Facebook Group, the Liberated Ladyboss Lounge, and it is all about helping your mindset and allowing you to think more confidently which then leads you to be a better business person, but I have found wonderful exercises that have helped me in my everyday world.

A few weeks ago, Sara (you can find her here) had a week-long challenge where you completed 5 different challenges that would give you a confidence boost.  I was simply amazed at how these insightful tasks really helped me to feel better about myself.  My favorite was on day 3 when we had to write down 10 “I am” statements.  It was sad to say it was difficult to come up with 10 positive statements about myself.  The first few came off easy… but the last  five were a little more trying… writing about yourself in the positive is not as easy as you would think.

So if you have the time and are feeling a little down… try it… I bet when you are done you will feel pumped about yourself!  I know I did!


Do you have hobbies??  I do.  I have so many interests at times I don’t know what I want to do first.

For example, I am taking this free writing course that has interaction with the leader in a Facebook Group.  It doesn’t matter what type of writing you do, all writers are welcome.  Poetry, bloggers, non-fiction, fiction, how-to, business, content… any kind of writing.  It’s awesome getting so many viewpoints.  And it makes me want to load up my Scrivener program that I have yet to quite figure out (learn by doing I think will be my motto) and just type away.

But then I think what to write?  Should I start typing the book I began writing back in college that I could contribute more to and finish?  Should I begin an entirely new project?


Then for some reason working on my family tree is starting to weigh on my mind.  I haven’t really thought about doing this in years but for some reason, it seems like the right thing to do.

Then a part of my wants to clean up the attic a bit and start scrapbooking.  But the weather was like 93 degrees today – my attic is going to be super hot.  Not worth the heat.  I contemplate bringing stuff downstairs to do, but it’s 8:14, I’d no sooner get stuff down to the main floor and I’d be sleepy and wanting to go to bed.

Well, one thing is for certain – blogging won out.  I’ve not blogged in so long, it was time.  I need to start posting regularly again.  It’s just been a bad summer with hubby losing his job and all (not that it costs any money to blog… but when you’re down in the dumps, who wants to share that with the world?) – frugal has been my middle name   Who knew I had it in me?

I sense typing my book coming into play before taking it easy and watching a bit of Netflix before heading to bed.

What are your favorite hobbies?  Do you ever want to do a little bit of everything all at once?  Share in the comments – I’d love to know I’m not alone!