Being Strong

I am really trying to be good.  I survived my worst part of the day – going home for lunch.  You see, going home has me by myself, all alone, with just my dog.  And every sort of munchie food we have in the house seems to call my name.

“Becky!  Becky!” they cry.

And not wanting to let the potato chips, the Doritos, or whatever junk food I have lying around to be disappointed, I oblige and feast.

But today I was strong.  Today I ate my leftover fish and my spinach salad and dressing and glass of milk.  Today I was good.  Today I managed to stay motivated.

Yay me!

And what is doubling enticing on a day like today is I woke up with a massive headache and it’s even easier on those days to talk myself into a trip to the Circle K and get a Polar Pop.

But I stayed strong.

I started an Atkins-type diet yesterday.  My doctor a year or so ago suggested I stay away from all my favorite foods – you know the ones – starchy carbohydrates.  Potatoes, corn, rice, etc.

So yesterday I did that.  I went to the store and stocked up on some veggies that I do like (they are few but I’m trying). I still had 11 Doritos with last nights taco salad for dinner.  But that’s it.  I came in just 3 grams shy of my minimum carbohydrate intake that has been assigned to me by Sparkpeople.

Tonight I plan on having some rice with dinner.  Nothing major but having a little bit is better than eating them all day long as I would normally do.

What do you do to stay strong?

* Just wanted to mention where I found my motivational clips today.  The first one (green) was from Standout Health and the latter is from


I Survived

Yesterday we had my girl-child’s family birthday party.  It was her a set of paternal great-grandparents, her grandmother on her paternal side, plus an uncle, my parents, and friends of ours that we met through our children as their oldest boy is in girl-child’s grade, and their daughter is in boy-child’s grade.  Isn’t that nice?

My day yesterday was spent cleaning… though things were somewhat at a stand-still as my children both slept in until after 10am.  When you need to run a vacuum and such, this is a HUGE bummer.  Not that I could, hubby is president of the PTA and so we had stuff all over the living room in piles awaiting his return from a meeting that began at 8am that needed picked up.

I honestly thought hubby was going to assist me with me with whole de-cluttering process… but I was mistaken.  He returned home from his meeting at 2:55pm.  Yes folks, almost a 7-hour meeting.  One I thought was going to be an hour.  Possibly 2 tops.  I’m so lucky.

But somehow I managed to go get the needed items for dinner, food and such (she wanted a taco bar – we had hard shells, soft shells, taco rice, corn cake, salsa, Doritos, salad fixings, tortilla chips and con queso sauce… I felt I had it all covered.

Came home from the store, focused on the dining room, got it cleaned, tablecloth on and arranged the dishes how I wanted the food and drinks to be set up.  I then moved all the heavy PTA stuff to the basement and was able to dust so when hubby did get home he was able to vacuum while I showered and made myself pretty.

Somehow we pulled it all off, topped off with a tie dye ice cream cake… she enjoyed her day and being the center of attention… and I survived.

I often wonder, is all this trouble worth it?

And hubby, who got out of all the cleaning…. I delegated cleaning up to him.  I felt it was only fair.

Now the real trick… keeping the living room as clean as it is at this moment, so I don’t have to go crazy and get all sweaty cleaning these spaces when we have people over.  Hmmmm…. such a wacky idea, keeping the living spaces clean.

Miscellaneous Monday

So during the family party for my boy child yesterday I learned a valuable lesson – 2 platefuls of potato chips, dip (Lawson’s – the good kind), Doritos and some “S’More Mix” (this is a combination of milk chocolate chips, Golden Grahams and mini-marshmallows) mixed with punch (rainbow sherbet, 7-Up and Hawaiian Punch) even spread out over the course of the afternoon and you have one sick me.  I stayed feeling crappy like that for the rest of the evening.  Oh wait  there was a slice of cake too…

But it was all good.

After eating so much “junk” I had to admit I thought the scale would tell a different tale this morning – but alas I’d only gained .2 pounds.  I didn’t think that was so bad.  Still have lots of work to do, but I do plan on heading to the gym after work tonight – the question is will I do my water walking or ride the recumbent bike.  I’m leaning to the latter.

This week one of my goals is to work on time management better.  I have so many things I attempt to do each week and it seems like I don’t even accomplish any of what I want to on my mental list. But I am determined with the week ending in a new month of being able to get myself into a better groove.

That’s all for now – I’m off to continue my listening of One Direction… I’m on my second repeat of Girl Almighty presently.  It does get me in a mood to get up and just move – have a great day!