Catching Up

Nothing like ringing in the New Year, and then suddenly the first Saturday it happened.  I was taking down Christmas and I slowly felt a cold coming on.  Don’t you hate that?

I woke up feeling great that day too.  I got up, went to my water walking class, felt at ease about my children being home alone and even sat in the hot tub with my friend for a few before heading home.

I felt so good afterwards that I invited my kids’ friends to come over and spend the afternoon.  Like for 4-plus hours.

They were here when I felt it.  The strange feeling in my throat.  That run-down feeling you get from trying to push through.  I was determined to push through darn it!

I went to bed with several different essential oils in my diffuser along with a cool mist humidifier at the end of my bed.  Two nights I did that.  Two nights.

By Monday evening the stuffy nose was finally beginning to catch up with me. I was okay as long as I was sitting up.  So I arranged my pillows hoping that I would be able to maintain breathing through my nose.  My pillows appeared like a nest in my bed, but I was confident that I would be able to breathe all night long.

And that’s when I woke up with barely a voice.  All the congestion slowly oozed down into my chest.

As a person who has asthma I could feel my chest tightening.  Oddly as a person who has been healthy for over a year, it’s amazing how much I hated having the tight feeling.

But a co-worker told me what she did when she last had a bad cold and it worked for her.  I went home that day at lunch and did what she did suggested.  Her final words to me were “I hope you don’t hurl”.  I was confident as I am not much of a “thrower-upper” but I could understand what she was talking about.  When it was in my mouth, it really didn’t taste that bad.  Going down it was okay too.  I was thinking… wow, this isn’t bad at all.

And then the apple cider vinegar hit my stomach.


I see why she warned me.  I didn’t get sick, but I can say that it helped (glad I opted to eat my lunch AFTER I ingested the vinegar). Did I take it again?  No.  But where I had no voice in the morning, I had one in the afternoon.

Would I take it again?  If the situation called for it.  Now I didn’t take any fancy brand… it was Food Club’s Apple Cider Vinegar.  Nothing organic, what I had in my cupboard for cooking.  Most will take it with hot water, lemon and honey.  I poured it into a tablespoon (literally, I got a measuring spoon out, filled it up) and chugged.  It tasted like apple cider (shocker) with a kick.

I’m still dealing with latent sniffles and the occasional coughing fit (oh, I so love those!) but compared to my usual span of being really sick for weeks, I’m way ahead of schedule.

Best part – turns out this was something my Grandma would have done, my mother informed me when I told her what I did a few days later.  “Anna Maria lives” was her exact quote.  It made me grin from ear to ear!


What Do You Think of Essential Oils?

Early this year I went to a fellow water walker’s class she was having on Essential Oils.  Strangely enough the type of essential oils that she uses is DoTerra, which is the same brand my cousin presented to me a few months later over the summer.

I have used a small handful of the products – primarily blends which I have found to be quite useful for me.  Past Tense I have found to relieve my headaches when caught early practically instantaneously, which makes sense as it is the Tension Blend.  I use the Clary Calm when it’s that more emotional time of the month as it really helps to balance me out as far as my hormones are concerned (if there are any men reading this I do apologize for getting personal). The AromaTouch is great for my ailing muscle and joint aches I get now that I am getting older.  Last weekend after 2 strenuous water walking classes and 3 hikes – I found myself with a hip that was on fire – a few nights of hubby massaging the oil into my lower back, upper buttocks and I was good to go in a few days time.  Last but not least is the respiratory blend, Breathe, that I have been diffusing in my room for since mid-July and where I normally get a bad cold in the summer months or have an asthma occurrence in the fall as the seasons change… this year (knock on wood) I’ve had nothing.


I am coming to believe that these oils really work.  Now whether they would fix big time horrible problems I don’t know – but I tend to be a believer in the specific issues that I use them for.

Do any of you use essential oils and if so, what are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Weeping Wednesday


Are you the type of person who when they get mad they cry?  I do.  And I’ve been having a really hard time with a co-worker that I share an office with and it seems like no matter what I do, it’s not good enough.  Last year I “ticked her off” because I listened to music in the office.  Many days no one would turn on music so when the silence in the office became too much by 10:30 or so I would turn Pandora on because the ticking of the clock drives me insane.

Well, now it drives me insane daily as I don’t ever turn the music on because I dare not rock the boat.  A month ago I was told that one of the essential oils that I use to alleviate my headaches (Past Tense) was making her sick, so despite it helping me with my tension headaches, I grinned and dealt with 2.5 weeks of headaches every day because again, I didn’t want to make her ill.

Today I was informed rather nastily that the Clary Calm I used for girly things was making her sick (I wasn’t using this before – and I only use it sparingly). She showed me her shaking hand because she is now in for a very long evening because my dab behind my ears and the dabs on my lower back made the office just intolerable for her.

I genuinely feel horrible that I have caused her discomfort in any way. But it is just the tone she said it all in, like I did this all on purpose.

Two weeks ago because I didn’t stop what I was doing and asked for a few minutes so I could finish a task with my job as I didn’t want to make an error and not drop everything to go over what she wanted to go over when I returned from lunch (I was already in the midst of a project when she asked for a moment of my time) anyhow she literally threw the papers at me and left the room. All because I asked if it could wait.

Has anyone else ever encountered a co-worker that you just don’t get along with?

So since the end of my work day I have been a weeping mess. Girly stuff I am sure is not helping. I guess for day 4 in my quest for being thankful for things I should be thankful for the ability to cry… because who knows what I would do without it.