52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 6

So I’m even farther behind than before, loss in my personal life has put me in a bit of a depression but I’m determined to finish this on time (goals, it’s all about goals, right?).

Week 6: My Favorite Name

So the prompt for Week 6 was my favorite name, and when I began looking into my ancestor’s favorite name I began looking really hard for some glamorous name, but nothing was saying “pick me, pick me”.

But then I realized I was looking too hard, that my favorite ancestor name was so obvious, I can’t believe it didn’t jump up off the screen: George Washington Morgart.

George was my great-great-grandfather on my father’s mothers side of the family. His name I love because I am a girl who was born on George Washington’s birthday, so ever since I can remember he has been my hero, so when I learned I had a great-great grandfather named after him, I was ticked pink.

From reading his obituary he seemed to be a truly nice and respected member of the community:


I’m still in the early stages of my search and at this time do not have as much information about George that I wish.  But as I find out information about him, I’ll update this post.

If you would like to participate in Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks genealogy challenge, just click on the link, I’m sure you can just pick up and do the second half of the year.

Here are the prompts for this past February:



Getting My Geek On

One of the best parts of working on my family history has been trying to find out if any of my relatives fought in the Revolutionary War.  You see, I share my birthday with George Washington and he has become my big hero in life.  I love George.  He had his flaws but he had the hardest job of all presidents, trying to run the country without seeming like a king.  I always imagined that this had to be extremely difficult.

So this has been my thing, searching on various sides of my family, I found I had relatives from the French & Indian War, but then seemed to be too old or too young to have fought during the Revolution.  And then I started on my Grandma’s side of the family and low and behold my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather joined the Patriot cause and was stationed in Virginia.  He apparently saw no action outside of Virginia – but did partake in the Battle of Yorktown.  He was apparently there when Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington. (As a history geek – this had me on Cloud 9).



So that is what has been keeping my busy.  Trips to the library using Ancestry Library Edition and just trying to keep all the families and their members organized.

I’ve learned that not all finds have happy endings.  My Great Grandmother’s youngest brother had 13 children, and it appears that 4 of them died in a house fire back in 1939.  So sad.  Apparently, they were trying to build a fire in a stove and the coal oil exploded.  I found 2 of the death certificates online and it just breaks your heart.  One was 10, the other 2, and so far I’ve not found any information to figure out if the 2 that I have no information on were in the fire or not.  Hoping that I find their information elsewhere, and making the casualties be just two.

Here is to continued searches and a hope of finding more happy endings than sad ones.



Ever have a day when you just wish it was over?  That was me at work today.  It’s not that it was a bad day… it was just a long day with weirdness and chaos. Translated, people just always want something for nothing.

Thinking of ending the day doing a craft that I found on Pinterest a while ago… I’d actually bought the wreath well over a year ago and had ribbon on it but I never found the accessories that I wanted to put on it that suited me.  So the new wreath looks like this:


It is one of those do-able wreaths where you just use yarn and a Styrofoam wreath. You cut out stars and glue them to the area where the blue yarn is. Seems simple and I am so the patriotic type (I share my birthday with George Washington!). In case you were interested in creating this masterpiece – here is the link: http://myfrugaladventures.com/2013/07/easy-diy-patriotic-wreath/.

Tomorrow I’ll add a photo of what MY wreath turned out like – have a happy Friday!