Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8


So I fell behind last week on Day 3 as my daughter was using my computer for her homework.  Day 4 had me up in the attic scrapbooking, my first time in over a year.  Day 5 had me hiking all day with the family – 3 hikes actually, 2 new for hubby and I, 1 repeat for the kids to catch up; followed by a surprise birthday for my husband’s grandfather.  Day 6 had us hiking another new hike while we then had dinner at my parents house for my sisters birthday. Day 7 I was in the midst of a migraine that began at 10:30am and didn’t leave until around noon today.

So I guess you could say I have some catching up to do.

So for Day 3 – I am grateful for technology which allowed my sweet girl the opportunity to do research and complete notes for her class by turning on a computer and heading to her teacher’s website.  This same technology is what gives me the opportunity to write this blog.  Technology changes the way we live each and every day – often for the better, sometimes not so much.

Day 4 – I’m grateful for friendship and the choices my children have made in finding a wonderful set of people to be friends with this year.  My son has always yearned to have good buddy and this year, starting a new school, changed his world.  My daughter, who just loves to be liked, seems to have overcome some obstacles and found good, solid girls who she can confide in.

Day 5 – the Summit County Metro Parks and the awesome trails we have here and their incredible hiking spree that is in it’s 52nd year.  This is my fifth year in completing the hiking spree.  I say 5th as I only have 1 hike left that I have to do and I know I will get it done before November 30.  Each year to get a shield for the hiking spree you have to hike 8 different trails.  I love to hike – it’s my favorite way to exercise and this past weekend you couldn’t have asked for better weather – sunny and 65 – perfect!

Day 6 – Thankful for my kids not being too big to give me tons of cuddles!

Day 7 – Thankful that there was only one day left to watch really awful election commercials and that hopefully the mudslinging will all disappear within 2 days.

Day 8 – Grateful for the right to vote.  So many countries do not have this freedom, and though this year didn’t give me a candidate that I felt very passionate about – I went out and exercised my right to vote in this all-important year.

What are you grateful for?  Hopefully I’ll have another update tomorrow!



Happy Labor Day!

The 3-day weekend has gone super fast (a quote from my son).  I must admit, it has gone way too fast.  Back to the grind tomorrow, but I will do my best to enjoy today.


For close to a month I have been working on my genealogy.  Discovered that the library has a free Ancestry Library Edition that anyone can use – it beats paying what I know I would need a month, so the library will be my new home away from home, at least for an hour or so a week.  I also went to a class this past Saturday that gave me the lowdown on how to use a specific database, Heritage Quest.  It was interesting, but yet I know a lot of this information comes up using the website I am presently using, but it’s interesting how one has more information than another.  Ancestry instantly gave me the date of death for my great-great-grandmother who’d I’d been seeking out since I began my family tree journey (my version hadn’t, I’m using – it’s free).  I was so sad.  I guess I knew she was gone – but there was still a part of me that wondered if Mazie was out there somewhere… wanting to be found, even if she would have been around 140 years old.

Anyhow, if I’d checked my email before I left for my class at the main library on Saturday morning, I’d have known she had been found as the cemetery that my mom thought she was buried got back to me, sending me pdf’s of the receipt of her burial plot purchase (a whole $60 for her and her late husband that included perpetual care) along with where in the cemetery she could be found.  I told my mom that I was going to go and check her out some day and she wanted to go too.  Since hubby and I were out, I asked him to stop by the cemetery to see if they had a map listing where the sections were.  They didn’t but we noticed they had numbers at the corner of the sections – so I looked up the email and lo and behold – she was right by the main entrance and so we got out and I found her.  She is actually not far from a famous inhabitant of the cemetery – Dr. Bob Smith – one of the founders of AA – is just a section away (since I had worked at Stan Hywet for several years where the first meeting of Bill W. with Dr. Bob Smith took place with an introduction by Henrietta Seiberling, it was cool to drive by and see the resting place this man who started a movement that has helped so many).

With September 1 comes the Hiking Spree our area Metroparks has each year.  Hubby and I went to a trail we’d never gone to before to get hike #1 done.  Just 7 left to go.

Today we head over to his aunt’s at 1pm for a family get together to celebrate the holiday.  I hope all of you enjoy your day off (if you get one – I know when I was in college I use to work every holiday I could simply for the time-and-a-half).

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

Mind, Body & Sole


So last night my kids and I signed up for the Mind, Body & Sole program that is put on by our county library and sponsored by local businesses.  It’s fun, and not only gets you reading but it gets you moving too.

Summer Reading & Exercise Program

The name of this program is called Mind, Body and Sole and it’s because along with tracking days in which you read – they are encouraging you to get up and move for approximately 30 minutes a day as well – and we all can use physical movement.

So yesterday after signing up, my son (who was the one who really wanted to sign up for this) checked out 4 books, my daughter checked out 1 (who decided she would sign up too – despite not really wanting too) and then we went to the local Metro Park and hiked with friends.


Today we went back to the library and my son checked out 4 more books because the ones he checked out last night he’d read already (he is a lover of the graphic novel – he can’t get enough of super heroes).  Today’s picks included 3 Ninjago and 1 Phineas & Ferb.  Should make for excellent reading.

Spree For All

After our trip to the library we went to a different Metro Park and participated in one of the smaller hikes that qualify us for the Spree for All program.  A few years ago we earned our lanyards and now each year we get a pin for each additional year we complete it.  I enjoy the Spree for All Program simply because it includes people of all ages and even those who may have disabilities.  All the surfaces are flat and smooth, so strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers can do it, and often the trails are optional lengths of 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or 1 mile.  We chose to do 1 mile this evening.

Presently we have 2 trails done, 3 to go.  We should have them finished up by the end of the weekend.  July 1st starts the biking spree, we may try this for the first time (we attempted 2 years ago before my son could ride a 2-wheeler, so this year could prove interesting).

Nothing like reading and exercise to get you through rough days.  I’m lucky I have 2 great kids who do these programs with me.

Super (Cleaning) Saturday

Tomorrow is boy child’s family birthday party.  Thursday was his birthday, a day in which he turned 9.  He is defying me, people, he promised he would not grow up.  Hmmmph!

So what is on today’s agenda?  Cleaning!

Somewhere in between life and work I never find time to clean… I have a man child who is does nothing more than sit at home and do whatever it is he does on his iPad every evening – except when he is assisting with boy child’s Boy Scout troop (does anyone else have a hubby who doesn’t help?  When I asked him why he doesn’t help clean anymore as when we met he was the one who was the tidier of the two of us and his reply was simple… why bother, it’s just going to get dirty again.  Yeah, lucky me).

Hubby did replace some broken tiles in the kitchen that kept hurting my feet when I walked in the kitchen.  There was one when you put weight on it just the right way (which I did daily) would stick up and point me in the foot.  Ouch! So the kitchen is off limits until 8pm tonight as that way I know the 4 replaced tiles should be set and then it appears grout still may be an issue?

But I have other rooms to keep me occupied today.  Living room, dining room, 2 sets of stairs, a hallway and the bathroom. Throw in girl child’s violin lesson and trying to fit a hike in some time today – and it’s a full day.

Made a really good meal last night… I’d taken out hamburger two days ago and we ended up going in a different direction for dinner, so I had to make something with the defrosted meat.  So of course, I turned to Pinterest and found several good recipes but the one I went with was a Korean Beef Bowl.  It was really good… and it only took about 15-20 minutes to make!  I will confess I did not have the green onions – it was my only lacking ingredient – but I definitely would make it again!


So wish me luck, my peeps, and I hope you all much more fascinating plans for your Saturday!  If it’s something as fun as cleaning… let me know in the comments – it might help me feel better about my chores for the day!