A Summary of August

Ever realize how fast times flies?  I did last night while scrolling through Facebook and realizing the 3 previous years posts about my kids going off to school all mentioned that very same line… Time Flies.

August seems to have done that very thing this year.  One day I was on vacation and now it’s the end. Kids are in school, Labor Day will be upon us and summer as we know it will have vanished. And I honestly am not sure where it went?

I seldom went to the gym to work out. I did cook and do dishes but I really didn’t hard-core clean until last weekend. Funny story – I took pictures to show the differences between before and after and then laughed as I realized this isn’t organizing – no one wants to finally see my house free of children’s clutter – it doesn’t count!

So Saturday  we went to go see our cities minor league baseball team.  It was a makeup game of sorts as hubby and boy child were suppose to sleep out on the outfield with the Boy Scouts in June and due to a ton of rain they had to reschedule. Well due to showers scheduled in the middle of the night on Saturday no sleepover but more tickets for Wednesday. Yay! (Not – I think I’m going to pass on this game).

Saturday had me in search of a violin for my daughter. In order to give her the optimum educational experience we open enrolled her and she got in, but the school she is now going to did not have orchestra, and she had to choose between band or chorus.  Seeing as she loves to sing I couldn’t watch her choose band and an instrument she was not overly enthusiastic about playing over singing, so I found someone to teach her how to play the violin so she can be happy. (See I really try to be a good mom). We found a used one to rent (it’s German, I hear this is a good thing) and her lessons start Saturday so I am sure you will hear updates in the future about her progress.

So how did your August go????  Share in the comments!



Woo Hoo It’s Friday!

So today is Friday and I already know how the day will turn out for the most part.  Stuck at work from 9am-5:30 and then tonight as the final night of my stepdaughter staying with us we are headed to an evening watching the local AA baseball team play.  Should be a fun outing. The weather seems to be perfect which is unusual for my area as it’s really been a sucky weather summer (can you say rain?).

Yay for Pinterest – while the rest of the family was out swimming I discovered a huge stain from marker on my sectional.  The kids claimed they had no idea it was there but I really can’t understand how they could have missed it.  It was a HUGE red line.  As sensitive as my husband is in regard to the sofa and recliner, I was relieved I found it. But Pinterest didn’t let me down – and I wish I’d have been smart enough to take a “before” picture, but I’m so not with having a camera on my phone for such things.

Anyhow – it worked!!!!  So if you ever have marker or any big stain on your couch – give this a try, I’ll attach the link to the recipe and here is the photo that was used on Pinterest for it, it is Dawn, white vinegar, hot water and baking soda – stuff I actually had in the house!


Best Upholstery & Carpet Stain Remover

The stain is just about completely gone.  I may have to do it once more, with the shade of my sectional and the color the marker was when wet, as it went away it was difficult to see it.  But there is barely a spot there now… and if nothing more comes up I wouldn’t be that upset.  Unless you’re me and you knew it was there, the average person wouldn’t see it.

So there is my tip – I’ll let you know how it works on my stain filled carpet.  That’s an entirely different post though.

Well, work beckons… Happy Friday everyone!!!