Motivating Your Monday

Can you believe it is the last Monday in June?  Where has the time gone?  The year is already half over and I feel like I really don’t have much to show for the greatness I was aiming for in 2017.

So here is a little motivation for us all to keep ourselves going.




Happy Monday!


A Little Monday Motivation

Everyone needs motivation in their life – I know I do – and Mondays are always great days to get a little extra motivation – because Mondays make great days to begin things.

I know a few weeks ago I seriously began working at losing weight.  Or so I thought until I stepped on the scale this morning and I gained .6 lbs instead of losing.  I’ve done the talk to myself that muscle weighs more than fat – but I know another part of it could be that I just didn’t track and watch my food as carefully as I should have.

I actually was doing rather well until Friday at lunch.  And then I decided to have a Dr. Pepper and it was a place where they have a bottomless drink – and so I ended up have probably 2.5 glasses of soda.  Then for dinner my hubby (without asking) orders me a large Cherry Fanta from Wendy’s with my fish sandwich (no fries – see I really was trying to be good), and then we went to a Hockey Game and I shared another Pepsi with him.

It was just never-ending soda from 1pm on.

And that is probably the REAL story of why I didn’t lose weight.  My sister had a surprise birthday party for her significant other on Saturday and I’m guessing that didn’t help either. A can of Pepsi, cheese balls, crackers, pasta salad, meatballs, fish shaped cut out cookies.  On top of that I had bagel and cream cheese.  Twice.  It was so good I had it for lunch and breakfast.  Oh, and Lucky Charms too.

So you see, I am to blame.  I should be jumping up and down that I only gained .6.  But to keep me going through the week I love to scroll through Pinterest and just read the words of motivation.  They really help to keep me on track.  So I’m going to share some of my words of wisdom that I find with you!



From Elite Daily:

Hopefully these are enough to keep us going for a few days.  Life is hard, we just have to learn to be tougher.  Wishing you your best week yet!

If you have a motivational quote that you find really works for you – share in the comments!

Some Monday Motivation

Mondays can often be the toughest day of the week.  We head back to work (assuming you work a normal Monday through Friday job) and some weeks just seem to suck.  Well, that was my week last week.  I work full time for an interior design firm/furniture store and three times a year we have a big sale that lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks and the last day is pure hell.  Last Tuesday was no exception, the designers are just lovely and wait until 5pm to give me orders that are 4 and 5 pages in length (multiply that by 5-6 items per page and you see why I was disgruntled).

But along with jobs that have us stressed (or frankly that maybe you just dislike) there are the other stresses that get to you.  Raising kids who think they have all the answers is a problem.  I have had the embroiled battled with my sixth grader who has almost flunked two classes this year.  This is completely foreign to me because I never failed classes.  I thought it was horrendously horrible of me when I got D’s on some mid-terms in high school…. but to almost fail a grading period?  Unheard of in my world, and yet my girl child doesn’t seem to think this is a huge problem. And when we take things away, it’s like it’s nothing, she just goes with the flow and figures out and life stands still.  So aggravating!

And of course all this stress bothers me in a variety of ways.  I internalize EVERYTHING and so my shoulders get tightened and then I get migraines and then it’s a never-ending story.  I eat food I shouldn’t, drink beverages I shouldn’t (can you say Hello Dr. Pepper?) and  starts a horrible circle of unhealthiness.

So today I bring to you bits of motivation from my Pinterest boards.  I don’t look at the motivational board of “New Me” as often as I should and there are good quotes and sayings that maybe would assist me in not taking everything so seriously.  To live in the moment and be happy for what I do have… and remind me what I need to do to stay on track, make myself go to gym and work out and be everything I can be.

The first is one dealing with life in general.  I LOVE THIS… I should look at it every day, multiple times a day…  Isn’t it awesome?tumblr_lxk4fjMOj61qkgfsko1_1280

This next one is what I need to do when I get super stressed… trouble is I’m always at work and I just can’t get up and exercise… but oh if I could…


I don’t know about you – but a happier life is what I aim for every day.  May these words ring true with you – and give you something to think twice about before you eat one Twinkie too many that you regret (what am I talking about… one can’t eat too many Twinkies).

Long live Twinkies – they last forever… one of my favorite parts of WALL-E.

Do you have any words of wisdom or a motivational quote you like?  Please share it with me!