My Big Project – Upcycling a Wire Spool

A few years ago my parent’s neighbor gave me a wooden spool that she had in her backyard.  For two years the spool sat not being used.

Until this year.

This spring I began doing searches on Pinterest about upcycling spools.  I couldn’t believe all the different things you can do – and would now love to get my hands on another to do another project.  As you will see from my photos I re-did mine as a table with a mosaic top.  But other projects are benches, flower beds, chairs, rocking chairs – all sorts of things.  There is no end to what you can do when you set your mind to it.

So I wasn’t smart enough to take an honest to goodness “before” picture of my spool, but I did remember to take one after I sanded it down.  I didn’t do it for a long time, I probably did the entire piece in about 15 minutes.  Tops.


My next step was taking it out in my driveway and spray painting it.  I went up to Home Depot and oddly initially couldn’t find the color green I was looking for.  When my husband texted me back – “they don’t have the color you want?” in complete and utter disbelief.  It was then I looked to the right and lo and behold – there were more colors.  I chose what I thought to be a nice spring green shade.


I had only bought 1 can but ended up going up and buying a second as I was amazed at how the wood just sucked up all the paint.

The weather then became rainy and then snowy so it was a few weeks before I began working on the spool again.  So when phase 2 started it looked like this:

So our next step was putting a piece of plywood on top.  With the holes in the top I couldn’t create a mosaic top so with my husband’s help we put a solid top on the table.

We glued and screwed the plywood to the top of the spool and then he took a saws all (borrowed from my dad) to cut around the top of the table.  Once it was all cut out he took the sander to even out the edges.

The next step was to place some rope around the edge of the top.  This was fun because while hubby went to see if he had clamps, the rope all came falling off.  I thought I was going to cry but we figured out that if the put the glue down, left it set up for a minute and then laid the rope down it stuck a little better.  The saucers for some terracotta flower pots, the sander and coasters helped, too.


Once we gave the rope time to dry, caulk was placed on top of the screws (holding the plywood to the rest of the spool) and where the rope and table meet so when we put the mortar down it wouldn’t ooze out under the rope (hubby thought of all this).

Next step – mixing the mortar, leaving it set and then spreading it around the top of the table.  I probably could have handled this part, but I think hubby likes to be useful.  He mixed the mortar together and spread it on the table.

I wanted to make a sunflower so finding tiles that would give me lots of yellow or orange colors was impossible to find.  Luckily we went to Hobby Lobby and found some small colored panes of glass.  Along with some river stones for the “seeds” and sea glass stones for the “sky” edging, I was ready to go.

The next step was breaking the glass.  My clumsiness allowed hubby to do this too. I was sure that I would end up cutting myself so he had fun breaking the glass in a box.


And then it began – putting the flower together.  Initially all was good, it was putting the “seeds” in the center.


The more difficult part was placing the glass for the petals.  I started placing them down and then really became overwhelmed simply because my glass was going down but it wasn’t making a flower.  Then I realized that if I placed pieces of glass down and made triangles down to make my way to the end of the petals, and it started coming together so much better.


Then it was easy again – just putting the blue glass down for the edges.  I didn’t buy enough but it turns out my mother had some (all the stores were closed so I really lucked out).

And then it was done – outside of my kids I can’t remember when I’d ever been so proud of myself for completing a project.  I’m looking into a type of sealant to put on it so it hopefully won’t get dirty.  I knew I needed to wait a few weeks so that way the mortar would be dry.


Looking forward to having a productive summer on my porch – I’ve decked it out with lights that look like mason jars and topped it off with a sunflower mesh wreath that I made as well.



I Didn’t Make Rocks In My Cake Pop Maker!

Woo Hoo!  I’m so excited.  For the first time in 2 years (well, not that we’ve tried often since we first got the machine 2 years ago) I didn’t make rocks when I made something in the cake pop maker!


As I began cleaning my kitchen last weekend it happened.  I came across the cake pop maker that my mom actually purchased for my daughter, as she had gotten a cake pop maker for Christmas that as pretty and colorful as it was, you didn’t bake the cakes, they somehow did their thing in the refrigerator and then you decorated them and all was good with the world.

Trouble was with my wannabe-baker daughter, it wasn’t good enough.  So my mom purchased her a cake pop maker:


And normally everything has turned to a rock.  Brownies (rocks on the outside, gooshy mess on the inside) and cakes both.

So last week I began perusing Pinterest for recipes that people had successfully made in a cake pop maker.  I figured maybe that was my problem, maybe the recipes that came with the instruction book for the cake pop maker were never actually made in a cake pop maker.

And I found recipes – and today I tried the first – a donut recipe (why not get the disappointment done first thing in the morning).  So I went to Pinterest, pulled up the recipe and began.  Here is the link to my pin should you want to go and pin it for yourself.  I would like to thank the Moscato Mom blog for the recipe.  It has been taste tested by both of my children and their friend.

The batter was easy… throw everything into a bowl, and mix together (I like things that don’t have to be mixed together in a certain order, I inevitably do something wrong).


Now it didn’t say to do this – but I took some cooking spray and put it in the cake pop maker and then filled the holes with a spoonful of dough.  Cooked them for 5 minutes and then rolled them in some powder sugar (there was a glaze recipe but my daughters friend has allergies to things so I opted to go with just the powder sugar).  And here was the end result:


It made 18 donuts for me – a perfect amount for my family.  I had one, I thought they were pretty good – can’t wait to try it with the glaze sometime, I think they would be even better that way.

Still in shock I made something edible!

Now off to finish a wreath I began last year and then this evening is my son’s Blue & Gold banquet for Boy Scouts.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with yummies and relaxation!

Super (Cleaning) Saturday

Tomorrow is boy child’s family birthday party.  Thursday was his birthday, a day in which he turned 9.  He is defying me, people, he promised he would not grow up.  Hmmmph!

So what is on today’s agenda?  Cleaning!

Somewhere in between life and work I never find time to clean… I have a man child who is does nothing more than sit at home and do whatever it is he does on his iPad every evening – except when he is assisting with boy child’s Boy Scout troop (does anyone else have a hubby who doesn’t help?  When I asked him why he doesn’t help clean anymore as when we met he was the one who was the tidier of the two of us and his reply was simple… why bother, it’s just going to get dirty again.  Yeah, lucky me).

Hubby did replace some broken tiles in the kitchen that kept hurting my feet when I walked in the kitchen.  There was one when you put weight on it just the right way (which I did daily) would stick up and point me in the foot.  Ouch! So the kitchen is off limits until 8pm tonight as that way I know the 4 replaced tiles should be set and then it appears grout still may be an issue?

But I have other rooms to keep me occupied today.  Living room, dining room, 2 sets of stairs, a hallway and the bathroom. Throw in girl child’s violin lesson and trying to fit a hike in some time today – and it’s a full day.

Made a really good meal last night… I’d taken out hamburger two days ago and we ended up going in a different direction for dinner, so I had to make something with the defrosted meat.  So of course, I turned to Pinterest and found several good recipes but the one I went with was a Korean Beef Bowl.  It was really good… and it only took about 15-20 minutes to make!  I will confess I did not have the green onions – it was my only lacking ingredient – but I definitely would make it again!


So wish me luck, my peeps, and I hope you all much more fascinating plans for your Saturday!  If it’s something as fun as cleaning… let me know in the comments – it might help me feel better about my chores for the day!


Tasty Tuesday – Part 1 – July 28 Edition

Good Morning my Peeps!

After getting all “serious” yesterday I realized being bummed is not one of my Pinterest Boards – so here I am taking one from my most heavily populated boards that I call… FOOD (am I on the cutting edge of names or what?).

So last week I found this recipe and while at the grocery store on Sunday I even bought ingredients I thought were in it (I swore it said chicken stock… I bought some but this calls for chicken broth, so I now wonder what needed chicken stock? I digress, but I hope I have chicken broth otherwise we know what I’m doing on my lunch hour).

So, this morning I am posting what I am making for my dinner tonight.  It’s “One Pot Kielbasa Pasta” and it’s suppose to look like this:


So tonight when I get home from work I shall make this (minus the scallions as I didn’t buy those – and my daughter and I aren’t big onion people – there are onions I’ll cook in this so I don’t want to do overkill on the onions), and this evening I’ll post part 2 – letting everyone know if it is as good as it looks and if it looked anything like the above picture because that picture makes it look TASTY!!!

I’ll post a picture too (oh my, I’m becoming one of those people).  LOL!

So until later my friends…