Baby Steps

As I have gotten older, I realize the concept of Richard Dreyfuss’ character’s book in the movie “What About Bob” has inspired me over the years.

Baby Steps is what helped turn Bob’s (portrayed by Bill Murray) entire life around, as Bob feared everything.

This has been me lately.  It’s amazing that even at the age of 42, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I’ve never been good at having close friends.  If there is a way to find a clunker, by all means, I will find them.  Well, about a year ago, the closest thing I had to a girlfriend decided it was over.  Ever notice how when your girlfriend decides you are no longer useful, this alienation is almost worse than when your boyfriend breaks up with you?  (Though this was topped in high school when my boyfriend was my best friend…. but that’s another blog post).

Anyhow now that a year has passed I realized I was really becoming (gulp) bummed.  I think this is why a month ago I gave up going to the gym.  I wasn’t losing weight as I hadn’t changed my eating habits – and it definitely takes both eating well AND exercising to have an effective journey of health. I was dealing with my sadness with my very good friend, ice cream (you know, the friend who NEVER lets you down – and now I have a Depeche Mode song going through my head).

But today – despite waking up with a migraine, I did it.  I went to the gym (the migraine was gone by then, but often I would still use that as an excuse not to go). I rode the recumbent exercise bike for 30 minutes and rode about 5.6 miles (without my MP3 player mind you).  It wasn’t much, but it beat just sitting at home.


I also took baby steps to eliminate some of the drama that was aiding in my continuance of being bummed.

So baby steps to less drama. Baby steps to healthy choices.

Now, if I wouldn’t have drank so much Dr. Pepper today trying to get rid of the migraine (because ibuprofen and Past Tense alone won’t do it), life would have been really good. (Baby steps to drinking less DP?).

Wow – much more serious post than I pictured for a Monday.  Baby steps to a saner life… one blog at a time.  Until next time!


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