Tasty Tuesday – Part 2 – July 28 Edition


So I made my dinner and I must say it was DELICIOUS!

Even my hubby who apparently was very skeptical of what kielbasa and pasta together would taste like, loved it. So this is definitely going into the recipes I’ll make again pile.

My tips… use the heavy cream. The recipe calls for either milk or heavy cream and in hindsight I think the sauce would be a little thicker and better tasting if it was made with the heavy cream.  I just had milk and since it was an option I figured it would suffice.

I was also low on cheddar cheese – so I used a combination of cheddar (for main sauce) and then at the end you top off with more cheese – that was primarily sharp.

So I hope I have enticed you to either make the One Pot Kielbasa Pasta or find your own adventurous meal to try from your own Pinterest food board (because doesn’t everyone have a Pinterest food board?)

A special thank you to Sugar Apron who originally posted this recipe in February and shared it for the world to appreciate it’s tastiness!!!!

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